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Sunday, Oct. 10, 1999 -- Volume 4, No. 284
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        The destination is Cincinnati, where beginning Wednesday the river will be a stage and the boats will be lead players in Tall Stacks, a five-day celebration of the steamboating era.
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Local Headlines for  Sunday, Oct.10, 1999

Laura Pulfer column
Confessions of a nouveau cable junkie
        I never thought it would come to this. Books. I love books. And tennis. So why do I find myself parked in front of the television set? It's not as if I hadn't seen one before. Even though we're never the first ones on our block to get anything, we have had a TV for several decades.

Rain upsets traffic and festivals
        More rain fell Saturday than during the entire month of September but the skies should clear sometime today.

Peter Bronson column
If that's art, I'm Picasso
        Here's a quiz you should NOT take with your scrambled eggs and jelly donut. It's a game I call “Find the Con Artist.”

Use stadium tax for 'The Banks'?
        The latest big idea for Cincinnati's waterfront raises a big question: Should the stadium sales tax be tapped to build up the rest of the riverfront?

Luken changes race for mayor
        In mid-June, when Charlie Luken stood in front of the boarded-up Tyler Davidson Fountain and announced he was running for Cincinnati City Council, everything about the 1999 council campaign changed.

Howard Wilkinson column
Kids spending allowances on political campaigns?
        We remember payday back when we were kids, the one day of the week when the old man would come home flush and start doling out allowances.

More night roadwork being done
        As most Greater Cincinnati commuters slept this construction season, the orange barrels went up and the pavers came out on some construction projects.

Runners prefer to dress for excess
        There was a streak of red under the gray, misty skies in Covington on Saturday. That streak was a group of about 50 to 60 people — males and females, young and old — running across the city in red dresses.

Civil rights activists reunite
        Strands of gray have diffused their hair and their backs bend slightly with age. But their hearts still burn with fires ignited by the cause of civil rights.

Prized Tristate Possessions
        The Art Deco masterpiece that is Union Terminal is one of Cincinnati's greatest treasures, rescued from oblivion when it was reborn in 1990 as the Cincinnati Museum Center. But the building itself is only one of some three million objects preserved under the grand half dome.
Museum Center researchers collecting in the field

'I want my MeTV'
        Commercial TV zips along like nobody's real life. Its characters never say “um” or talk about themselves too much. In TV land, all jokes are funny, all lawyers are interesting and all musical numbers are brief.
Why do they do it?
Public-access cable centers in Greater Cincinnati

Easy ridin' with . . . Dave Otto
        Nobody goes backstage without Dave Otto's help. Oscar winners off to the Green Room at the Academy Awards show? Headliner at Woodstock chasing down a chilled Heineken? Barbra Streisand off to pick up her $10 million paycheck after her New Year's Eve '99 concert?

Paul Daugherty column
Delta's ready when you want to pay huge bucks
        Last Monday, I dragged my ashen, lumpy self out of the rack in Milwaukee to make an airplane reservation. I called Delta. “I need a flight from Cincinnati to Atlanta on Tuesday morning, returning Thursday morning,” I said.

Jim Knippenberg column
Here's buzz on Souls singer
        Whoa, look at Eliot Sloan He's the Blessid Union of Soulslead singer who has worn shoulder-length dreadlocks for 100 years — since he was singing at Jeff Ruby's Waterfront.

'Live On' breaks Shepherd from pack
        The purists who have reviled Kenny Wayne Shepherd for trying to fill Stevie Ray Vaughan's boots will have to find a new whipping boy.

Hunt grows into rock star role with Shepherd's band
        Life has gotten a little easier for Noah Hunt.

Conductor worked long, hard to be overnight sensation
        It's a familiar tale in the music world: After 15 years of hard work, you are suddenly an “overnight” success.

Reba's life makes great concert
        Don't let the title of her new Broadway-style tour, “The Singer's Diary,” lead you to believe Reba McEntire is pulling a Garth and is now Christine Gaines. The show, which stopped at the Aronoff Center's Procter & Gamble Hall Thursday night, is 100 percent Reba.

John Kiesewetter column
Big radio merger will change dial
        How the mega-merger of Clear Channel and AMFM (formerly Chancellor Broadcasting) will change Cincinnati's radio dial will be interesting to watch.

Deborah Kendrick column
Awards honor media focus on disabilities
        NEW YORK — When I started writing about disability issues in the mid 1980s, I knew I was taking a major risk. My writing career, to that point, had been built on writing about everything but disability, and few editors purchasing my words had any clue they were conversing and corresponding with a writer who happened to use Braille.

Jackie Demaline column
Will swine succeed where all but Reds and disasters fail?
        Thought for the day: A long and loud standing ovation to the Reds, who gave us a great run at post-season play. They gave us some season and a September to remember.

Boone County developing plan for area's green spaces
        BURLINGTON — Planners want a way to add more park land and preserve the green space areas Boone County already has. Residents say they want swimming pools, walking and hiking trails and maybe recreational facilities.

Fire destroys Florence businesses
        FLORENCE — The charred remains of a building that has anchored business on Main Street for decades smoldered in the spitting rain Saturday morning.

Patrick Crowley column
Time to rethink 'reinvented' Gore
        LOUISVILLE — Just down Taylor Boulevard from the Teamster's hall that Vice President Al Gore visited Thursday night is a strip club called Deva Ju.

Klan's free speech comes at a cost
        COLUMBUS — When the Ku Klux Klan came to the small northwest Ohio city of Defiance, the city prepared as for an invasion.

Ben Kaufman column
        Road rage turned into a federal civil rights suit when a Toledo police officer appeared to retaliate against the other driver by charging her with unrelated crimes.

Post-Columbine fears fuel school style wars
        INDEPENDENCE — Jessie Hasting looks like a punk Audrey Hepburn. Instead of capris and a white shirt, she wears fishnet stockings, Doc Martens and red-plaid skirts.

Schools try to polish students' writing skills
        National studies show that children who spend time talking to teachers about what they write and how to improve their prose score higher on writing tests.

Michael Hawthorne column
        Still smarting from a verbal body slam laid down by the Ohio Supreme Court, some Republican lawmakers are trying a different route to curb liability lawsuits.

Communities add tornado costs

        The township spent $53,193 in tornado-related expenses. “We had 1,345 evacuees — a lot of them from the Village Brooke Apartments complex. It is scheduled to be torn down ... and rebuilt ... a complete loss,” Trustee President Eric Minamyer said.

        The Cincinnati Planning Commission is scheduled to hear presentations Friday morning on several high-profile studies under way to transform the community.

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Manatees star in new Zoo exhibit
Douglas and Stoneman have no way of knowing it, but there's a lot riding on their broadly sloped shoulders. The two manatees are the unlikely stars of the new $4 million Manatee Springs exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.
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