Sunday, October 10, 1999

Public-access cable centers in Greater Cincinnati

        • Intercommunity Cable Regulatory Commission (ICRC)

        2492 Commodity Circle, Cincinnati

        Phone 772-4272

        Serving Amberley Village, Arlington Heights, Deer Park, Elmwood Place, Evendale, Glendale, Harrison, Indian Hill, Lincoln Heights, Lockland, Mariemont, Mason, Milford, Mount Healthy, North College Hill, Reading, Saint Bernard, Sharonville, Silverton, Springdale, Terrace Park, Union/Butler, Woodlawn, Loveland and the townships of Columbia, Crosby, Deerfield, Harrison, Sycamore and Symmes.

        • Media Bridges Cincinnati (formerly Cincinnati Community Video)

        2114 Reading Road, Cincinnati

        Phone 651-4171

        Serving City of Cincinnati

• Anderson Union Community Television
        8550 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati

        Phone 474-3488

        Serving Anderson Township, Union Clermont

        • Norwood Community Television

        2020 Sherman Ave., Norwood

        Phone 396-5573

        Serving Norwood

• Waycross Community Media
        2086 Waycross Road, Cincinnati

        Phone 825-2429

        Serving Forest Park, Greenhills, Springfield Township

• Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky
        3414 Decoursey Ave., Covington, Ky.

        Phone 261-1300

        Serving Boone and Kenton counties

• Campbell County Cable Board
        10 Hilltop, Highland Heights, Ky.

        Phone 781-3495

        Serving Campbell County

'I want my MeTV'
Why do they do it?

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'I want my MeTV'
- Public-access cable centers in Greater Cincinnati
Why do they do it?
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