Friday, October 08, 1999

Agent: Junior weighing offer from Seattle

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Ken Griffey Jr.'s Cincinnati-based agent, Brian Goldberg, said the Seattle Mariners' $135 million, eight-year offer to Griffey that was reported Wednesday is nothing new.

        “What's new is the club has made it public,” Goldberg said. “They made (the offer) back in July. They wanted to get it out so their fans know that if Kenny and Alex (Rodriguez) leave, it's not because of money. We have no problem with that.”

        The Mariners also offered shortstop Rodriguez about $125 million for eight years.

        Goldberg said Griffey is weighing the offer.

        “He's going to take about a month,” Goldberg said. “He's going to look at all the factors. Seattle is his original team, and not many players have played their whole career for one team.

        “The other is family time. His son (Trey) is in school in Orlando. So he doesn't get to spend much time with his family during the season.”

        Goldberg said the decision won't be based on money.

        “He won't leave Seattle for lack of dollars,” Goldberg said. “It's family versus geography. Plus, there's the competition factor.”

        Griffey has a good working relationship with Howard Lincoln, the Mariners' new chief executive officer, Goldberg said. Lincoln was head of Nintendo America when Griffey signed an endorsement deal with Nintendo.


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