Friday, October 08, 1999

Human bones found; officials scour area

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        HEBRON — Kentucky's forensic anthropologist spent hours sorting through bones, foliage and other evidence in an effort to find the killer of a person whose bones were found Thursday along Interstate 275.

        Boone County Sheriff Mike Helmig called the case a homicide investigation. His deputies helped anthropologist Emily Craig search the area well into the night.

        Officials said the victim was not from Greater Cincinnati. The bones were tentatively identified by papers found with them, but the person's name was not released.

        The remains were found off the highway at mile marker 8, just inside a ridge of trees and foliage. A man who officials said stopped his car to look for deer spotted the bones protruding from the ground, said Boone County Coroner Doug Stith. The remains were clothed.

        Ms. Craig's last high-profile involvement in Northern Kentucky was with the case of Diane Washer, a Covington mother who was missing three years when bones that ultimately proved to be hers were found in 1997.

        It took Ms. Craig a year, with DNA comparisons to Mrs. Washer's mother's DNA, to identify the bones.

        Larry Ray Freeman, who met Mrs. Washer at a bar the night she died, eventually was convicted of manslaughter in her death and sentenced to 20 years in prison.


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