Orange barrels demand a polka
We challenge you to put a tune to your gripes and drive your cares away

        Sometimes it's so annoying and painful to drive around and through the Tristate construction mess, you have to laugh. Or else you cry. The highway construction blitz is enough to give any driver a headache worse than a hangover.

        To help you polka a little fun at road construction rage along Fort Washington Way, Interstate 71 at Fields Ertel, Interstate 71/75 in Northern Kentucky, or anywhere else, The Enquirer issues this reader challenge:

        Rewrite the lyrics to “The Beer Barrel Polka” with an orange-barrel twist. Many of the lyrics will be published in Tempo's upcoming salute to Oktoberfest.

        Your deadline is Friday, Sept. 3, so start rolling them in. (Include a daytime phone number where you can be reached):

        • E-Mail:

        • Mail: Orange Barrel Polka, c/o Tempo, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati 45202.

        • Fax: (513) 768-8330.

“The Beer Barrel Polka”
        There's a garden, what a garden

        Only happy faces bloom there

        And there's never any room

        For a worry or a gloom

        There's music, and there's dancing

        And a lot of sweet romancing

        When they play the polka

        They all get in the swing

        Everytime you hear that Oom-pah-pah

        Everybody feels so tra-la-la-la

        They only want to come back for one thing

        They crowd around and sing trolly-olly-ay

        And you hear that rumble on the floor

        It's a big (HA HA HA HA) surprise you're waiting for

        Then all at once you form a ring

        Everybody get up and form a ring.

        Here's a tenth of everybody....)

        For miles around, you'll hear them sing

        Roll out the barrel, We'll have a barrel of fun

        Roll out the barrel, we've got the blues on the run

        Zing Boom Terrara

        Join in a glass of good cheer

        Now it's time to roll the barrel

        For the gang's all here

        (Spoken: Take it away boys!)


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