Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Stuff turns to four Musketeers

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        After Monday's first six rounds of the International Basketball League draft, Joby Wright was asked why the Cincinnati Stuff hadn't picked anyone from Xavier University.

        “Without wanting to tip my hand, I told him that we would take a Xavier guy (in Tuesday's rounds seven through 24),” said Wright, Stuff coach and general manager.

        He backed those words by taking center Torraye Braggs in the 10th round, and wasn't done with Musketeers. By the time the draft was complete, the Stuff also had the rights to guards Jeff Massey, Lenny Brown and Gary Lumpkin.

        “Right now I'm waiting for (agent) Anil (Vaswani) to let me know what he thinks about it and I'll talk to him and we'll see,” Lumpkin said.

        Vaswani, who also represents Brown and former XU guard Michael Hawkins (who was drafted by St. Louis), said Brown and Hawkins wouldn't play in the IBL, and that he was negotiating with teams from Germany and Finland for Lumpkin.

        “If that's what it takes, then that's what I got to do,” Lumpkin said of going overseas.

        The Stuff have the rights to 28 players, including these players with area connections selected on Day 2: Withrow graduate Eric Taylor, who played college ball at St. Francis (Pa.); Andre Riddick of Kentucky; Alex Sanders of Louisville; Brian Evans of Indiana; Ryan Perryman of Dayton; and Chad Allen of Miami.

        “I'm very excited about our team right now,” Wright said. “We worked very hard on this draft and were very lucky as far as who was available. Hopefully, this will stimulate some conversation in the community about who we have. Now we have more to sell them than our good looks.”

        Michael Perry contributed.


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