Friday, May 21, 1999

Ice cream man won't get boot

Anderson trustees table ban on peddlers

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        ANDERSON TOWNSHIP — The ice cream man, the door-to-door sales person and other peddlers may continue to operate in the township.

        After a public hearing Thursday night that drew loud objections to restricting free trade, the township board of trustees tabled a resolution that would have banned transient vendors, including the popular ice cream truck man.

        “We want to go back and see if we can solve the problem without doing it by a regulation,” said Russ Jackson, president of trustees board. “If we exclude the ice cream man and restrict the others, we open up a can of worms.”

        Many residents objected to the resolution's restrictive nature.

        “I am against the township getting into restricting free trade,” said Eileen Thomas of the 8200 Block of Eastdale Drive. “If you put a ban on door-to-door sales, you are going to hurt a lot of people who use this as their only livelihood.”

        As an alternative to the resolution, many suggested a badge or a permit that could be worn.

        “I think the trustees are trying to regulate something they cannot regulate,” said Tom Simonds, owner of Summer Sounds, an ice cream truck business in Lockland. Mr. Simonds operates an ice cream truck in the township.

        “I think the best solution would be to require them to wear a badge, indicating that they have a permit. If they don't have a badge, the residents can say "I can't talk to you.' And people can always refuse to open their doors.”

        Trustees Peggy Reis and Michael Walton also said Thursday night they were not prepared to vote for the resolution.

        Township attorney Frederick Kiel said officials had received numerous complaints about pressure used by door-to-door vendors, the noise of ice cream trucks and safety issues involving children running after the trucks.


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