Sunday, May 16, 1999

Other Tristate tax prosecutions

        • Edgar Francis Bradley and sons Edgar II and Roy, are all insurance agents and suburban Cincinnati residents. Their battles with the IRS began before they bought a Pilot Connection membership from James C. Morris, arising from their conclusion that the tax system and much of the federal government were not based in law. At some point, Mr. Morris's bank trust used a mail drop belonging to the elder Mr. Bradley.

        • Daniel and Donna Stewart of Colerain Township were convicted of conspiring to frustrate tax collections and evading taxes in 1991, 1992 and 1993. Mrs. Stewart also was convicted of tax evasion in 1994. The Stewarts were Pilot Connection members and in 1994, Mr. Stewart unsuccessfully claimed he was an Ohio — not a U.S. — citizen and could not be taxed as a non-resident alien. They are to be sentenced on June 3.

        • Joe Sabino, of London, Ohio, who provided trusts sold by Mr. Morris, was convicted of conspiracy in the Stewart prosecution. He also is to be sentenced June 3.

        • Grand jurors said Thomas Jeffrey Frisby, of Middletown, used Pilot Connection materials to try to untax himself, advised others how to do the same, and started his own group, the Freedom Connection. He is charged with failing to file his 1992 and 1993 returns, using bank accounts in others' names to hide his assets, and obstructing tax collections by helping others follow his example. No trial date has been set.

        • Dentist Thomas F. Keller, of Franklin, Ohio, failed to file his 1994 return or pay his taxes and tried to evade taxes through another anti-tax group, the Christian Patriot Association Services of Boring, Ore. He also used a trust and bought silver bullion to hide his income and assets. He was sentenced to five months in prison, five months home confinement and was ordered to pay more than $17,000 in back taxes.

'Untax' group faces unfreedom
- Other Tristate tax prosecutions

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