Monday, May 03, 1999

Sweet Georgia Brown a victory tune

Globetrotters beat all-stars

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Not only wasn't it comedy, but the Harlem Globetrotters players barely cracked a smile.

Former UC star Melvin Levett drives to the basket in Sunday's game against the Globetrotters.
(Saed Hindash photo)
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        Not until it was over, anyway.

        Only after they won their 983rd consecutive game — a 106-97 victory over a college all-star team Sunday at the Firstar Center — did a handful of Globetrotters assemble in a circle at midcourt for some fancy passing and slick ball-handling.

        “I knew they were going to come out and play hard,” University of Cincinnati standout Melvin Levett said. “They're a competitive team. Most of those guys almost made it to the NBA or were in the NBA. They've been playing together for a while, and they play well as a team.”

        On a beautiful spring afternoon, there were still 8,614 fans who chose to head indoors for some hoops. The crowd cheered loudest for Levett and Xavier seniors Lenny Brown, Gary Lumpkin and James Posey and clearly was pulling for an upset.

James Posey leaps for a loose ball.
(Saed Hindash photo)
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        The local foursome started along with Dayton's Coby Turner and combined for 42 points, 34 rebounds, 10 assists and nine steals.

        “We're competitors, and competitors always want to win,” Lumpkin said. “That was the case today. It really turned out to be what I expected.”

        The Globetrotters, who jumped out to a 30-15 lead, found themselves trailing by as many as nine points late in the second quarter.

        No matter. They were behind by 13 points Saturday night in Detroit.

        The Globetrotters came back both times to win and finish the Denny's College All-Star Series 3-0. They have not lost since Sept.12, 1995, in Vienna, Austria.

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