Friday, April 30, 1999

Butler makes present of its past

On Saturday, 'History Lives'

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        HAMILTON — Butler County will return to its past — from a Civil War re-enactment to a display of Armco Ambulance Corps memorabilia — on Saturday.

        The annual collaborative, “History Lives ... in Butler County,” will be featured at museums and historic sites across the county.

        They will offer special programs, including a military encampment at Gov. Bebb Pre serve near Okeana, a World War I exhibit at the Soldiers, Sailors and Pioneers Monument in Hamilton, and a display of books at the McGuffey Museum in Oxford.

        “About five years ago, some managers of local historic sites decided to share their resources and talk about how to schedule special events,” said Mary Clark Harlan of the Soldiers, Sailors and Pioneers Monument.

        “We had the idea to come up with a countywide history day. “People will drive for miles to see a battle site far from home, but they forget what's in their own back yards.”

        She said her own museum will feature a display on the 80th anniversary of the end of World War I.

        One of the exhibits is a collection of Armco Ambu lance Corps items — a flag with 13 stars for the 13 men who worked with the group in Europe, a hat with a rooster and a Red Cross patch.

        “Armco financed the ambu lance group until the government took over,” Ms. Harlan said. “A friend of mine bought the items at an auction. The flag used to hang in the office ... at Armco for years.”

        At the Butler County Historical Society Museum, director Marge Brown is planning a spring finery exhibit of women's vintage clothing and accessories.

        She said History Day is intended to rekindle interest around the county in local historic sites and give families an opportunity for a day trip.

        Special exhibits and living history re-enactments will be featured at a number of sites from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The events are free and open to the public.

        About a dozen historic sites will participate to tell the history of Butler County.


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