Sunday, April 25, 1999

Hey, Loveland: Your ideas are needed Monday on city's future

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        LOVELAND — Residents are invited to discuss plans for the city at a town meeting Monday. Headed by the newly formed Loveland Community Issues Forum, it is the first in a series.

        “It's for people who live in Loveland to discuss how they want Loveland to be,” said Dan Timmerman, an LCIF founder.

        At Monday's meeting — at 7 p.m. at Loveland Hurst Middle School — participants will discuss possibilities for the city's future. Some options:

        • Maintaining a rural “bedroom community” atmosphere by keeping the present balance of homes and businesses.

        • Focusing business development toward an arts and antiques center.

        • Accelerating efforts to become a national or international cycling location.

        Results of the meeting will be compiled and discussed in a second meeting in May. The input will be given to city officials, said David Bedner, LCIF chairman.

        “It's a chance to put everything together and say, "Here's what the community said — what you do with it is up to you,'” Mr. Bedner said.

        LCIF is the same steering committee that organized the White Pillars Forum in November to decide how to develop 85 acres on which an historical home and grave site were located.

        Although it didn't reach a consensus on how to develop the property, everyone agreed that it was a good idea to let community members discuss the issue in an open forum.

        “The overwhelming sentiment of the community was that they wanted to be a part of the planning of the city,” Mr. Bedner said.

        The LCIF plans to revisit the White Pillars issue.

        Sarah Ross-Stauft of the Clermont Public Issues Forum helped the White Pillars committee form LCIF.

        “This is a community politics approach to community issues,” she said. “Citizens need and want to be involved with long-term planning of their community.”


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