Sunday, March 28, 1999

Cincinnati 2012 venues plan

        Here is Cincinnati 2012's early plan for staging the Olympics in the Midwest. The plan will likely be revised many times before the official bid is finished next year:

Map of possible venues
  Downtown Cincinnati
  • Paul Brown Stadium:
  Status: Scheduled to open, fall 2000
  Events: Opening and closing ceremonies; soccer
  Seating: 65,000

  • New Reds Stadium:
Scheduled to open before 2003 season
  Events: Baseball
  Seating: 42,000

  • New Cincinnati arena:
  Status: No plans. Hope to be part of the convention center expansion.
  Events: Gymnastics; rhythmic gymnastics
  Seating: 32,000

  • Firstar Center:
 Status: Existing facility
  Events: Team handball (possibly swimming if new facility not built).
  Seating: 16,000

 • New Aquatics center (Cincinnati)
  Status: No plans. Could build at a local college or stage at the Firstar Center.
  Events: Swimming and diving; water polo; synchronized swimming
  Seating: 15,000

  Greater Cincinnati
  • Shoemaker Center (Cincinnati)
  Status: Existing facility
  Events: Indoor volleyball
  Seating: 15,000

  • Nippert Stadium (Cincinnati)
  Status: Existing facility
  Events: Beach volleyball
  Seating: 30,000

  • Galbreath Field
  Status: Existing facility
  Events: Field hockey
  Seating: 10,000

  • TPC at River's Bend
  Status: Scheduled to open in early 2001. (Cincinnati 2012 hopes golf will be a demonstration sport by 2012).

  • ATP Tennis Center (Greater Cincinnati)
  Status: Existing facility
  Events: Tennis
  Seating: 10,000 at Court 1

  • RCA Dome/Market Square Arena
Status: Existing facilities. Construction under way for another major indoor arena which also might be used.
  Events: Basketball
  Seating: RCA Dome is 45,000; Market Square is 18,000.

  • University of Dayton Arena (Dayton)
  Status: Existing facility
  Events: Judo
  Seating: 15,000

  • Nutter Center (Dayton)
  Status: Existing facility
  Events: Wrestling
  Seating: 10,000

  • Kentucky Horse Park/Commonwealth Stadium
  Status: Existing facilities.
  Events: Equestrian.
  Seating: More than 30,000.

  • Freedom Hall
  Status: Existing facility.
  Events: Boxing.
  Seating: 18,000.

  West Virginia or Tennessee
  Status: Existing facility
  Events: Canoeing, kayaking
  Seating: Undetermined

  Cleveland (Lake Erie)
  Status: Existing facility
  Events: Yachting
  Seating: Undetermined

  Other possible venues:
  • Greater Cincinnati
  Cincinnati Gardens
  Aronoff Center
  At Miami University: Millett Hall, Yeager Stadium, Crooke Field, Rider Track
  At University of Cincinnati: Armory Fieldhouse
  At Xavier University: New convocation center
  At Thomas More College: Connor Convocation Center
  At Northern Kentucky University: Regents Hall
  • Outside of Greater Cincinnati:
  St. John's Arena, Columbus
  Ohio Stadium, Columbus
  Schottenstein Hall, Columbus
  Rupp Arena, Lexington

  Sports without a home:
  The following Olympic sports were not assigned a venue in the Cincinnati 2012 feasibility study but would probably be staged in the Greater Cincinnati area:
  Road course (race walk, marathon, cycling), archery, badminton, cycling, modern pentathlon, rowing, softball, shooting, table tennis, weightlifting.

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