Sunday, March 21, 1999

Szczerbiak may go 3rd in NBA draft

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        ST. LOUIS — Wally Szczerbiak was the last one out of the Miami locker room Friday night after the loss to Kentucky. America's newest star did one last interview before heading to the bus.

        Now, that his college career is over, Szczerbiak will take a rest from basketball and the media. The week before the Sweet 16 was exhausting.

        “I'm going to sit back and relax,” he said, “and get away from everything for a while.”

        Szczerbiak ends his career as the second-leading scorer in Miami history. His 23 points against Kentucky gave him 1,847 for his career, surpassing Devin Davis' 1,628. Only Ron Harper (2,377) scored more at Miami.

        Szczerbiak said his father, Walt, will represent him in negotiations after the NBA draft.

        “You really don't need an agent,” he said, “especially when you're a rookie. Your salary is pretty much set. I figure why not just let my dad get it.”

        It would seem Szczerbiak greatly enhanced his value by averaging 30 points in the NCAA Tournament.

        The consensus now is he could go as high as third in the draft, depending on which underclassmen declare.

        “I've been reading that all year,” he said. “I'm like, "Geez, how did I go from not even being a first-rounder to being in the top three?' But, then again, when I've been matched up with these players you hear so much about, I've done pretty well.

        “In the NBA, you're matched up one-on-one and you're playing with great players.”

        Szczerbiak should be a lottery pick. He just hopes he gets a winning number.

        “I would really like to go to a good team,” he said.


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