Friday, March 19, 1999

'Wally's Words': Dealing with media a challenge

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        ST. LOUIS - The bus ride over wasn't too bad. I'd rather bus than fly. When you fly, you've got to get on and off the plane and in and out of the bus. On our last plane trip, my shoes got stolen.

        Got up around 9:30 this morning and had breakfast at the hotel. Then we played video games — Nintendo 64 — with Mike Ensminger and a couple of the managers. Watched a little of the movie The Outsiders until we left for practice.

        After practice it was more media stuff. You answer the same questions over and over again. The one I get the most is: “How has all the attention this week been?” The stupidest — there's been a lot of stupid ones — but some guy asked me if I was doing all this for my dad because he never made it the NBA.

        We had another practice at Washington University after the open practice. With all the media around, it's been kind of hard to focus. But the time we've been in practice, we've kept on the task at hand. The coaching staff has done a nice job of that.

        After practice, we ate again. Then played some video games.

        I got to bed early. Got to get my 10 hours of sleep the night before the game.


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