Thursday, March 18, 1999

'Nintendo a key part of long day

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        I woke up about 11. I can sleep late on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I've got an 8:30 class on Tuesday and Thursday.

        I went uptown to have lunch at Spaghetti's with a writer from New York. I had some pasta. Then I had class — Marketing 491 — at noon. I'm carrying a full load, 16 hours. It's been pretty tough with everything that's gone on.

        My GPA's about 2.8 now. It used to be 3.3. But the classes have gotten harder.

        Then I went to practice. Practice went pretty well.

        It was a pretty boring day — until the pep rally. I had no idea what the crowd was like until we came. It was unbelievable. They filled up half the gym, and we weren't even playing a game.

        Our fans have been great. The stat that means the most to me is we broke the Millett attendance record. That's a tribute to them.

        We got into St. Louis pretty late. We hooked up Nintendo to the TV. John Estick, Mike Ensminger and one of our managers, Jay Murnen, and I played until about midnight.

        Then we went to bed. Tomorrow's a big day.

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