Thursday, March 18, 1999

Ticket snafu irks Miami fans

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Miami's first Sweet 16 appearance in 21 years has left some fans with a bitter taste in their mouths.

        Some people who thought they were getting lower-level tickets for the Miami-Kentucky game Friday were disappointed to learn their seats were in the upper level of St.Louis' Trans World Dome.

        Miami Athletic Director Joel Maturi said most lower-level seats were reserved for team members' families, athletic department staff, university contributors and season-ticket holders.

        But fans who waited in line or called for tickets Monday were left with the impression they had purchased lower-level tickets.

        “They should have rewarded the people that lined up at 7 in the morning,” said Lori Gaudet, 30, of West Chester. “I went to Miami and I'm very supportive of all their teams, and I won't be giving them a dime after this.”

        Maturi said Miami received an initial allotment of 1,250 tickets from the NCAA, then ordered 1,500 more. All were sold.

        “We took orders for the tickets that people preferred,” said Mark Sandy, an athletic department staff member. “When the demand far exceeded the lower-level capacity, we had to expand to the upper level. All the additional tickets were in the upper level. We had to process those requests based on our existing ticket policy.”

        Said Maturi: “We are disappointed that we could not satisfy all requests as to location, but we are thankful we had enough tickets.”


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