Tuesday, March 16, 1999

What's in Wally's name? Uh, some Cs and Zs

        OXFORD — Miami University's Wally Szczerbiak is rapidly becoming a household name, thanks to the All-American's two solid performances in last weekend's NCAA tournament.

        So with “Wally-Mania” sweeping the nation and Miami headed to a clash against the University of Kentucky, the Enquirer asked about a dozen Miami students waiting for tickets at Millett Hall Monday: How do you spell Szczerbiak?

        The results: Let's just say they should be glad they weren't competing in a spelling bee.

        “S—C—H—Z—E ... That's a tough question. I know how to say it but I can't spell it.” — Travis Rhyan, 21, of Sidney, Ohio.

        “C—H—E—R—B—I— O—C. Wait. I don't think that's right.” — Jason Fabrizio, 21.

        “W—O—R—L—D.” — Laurie Finnessy, 22.

        “S—C—Z—E—R—B—I— A—K. I hope that's right; I'm an English major.” — Heather Wheaton, 20, Glen Allen, Va.

        “I don't know. I know there's a “Z” in there somewhere.” — Jamie Glorch, 20, of Barrington, Ill.

        “S—C—E—Z—R—B— I—A—K.” — Mike McLenahan, 19, of Carmel, Ind.


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