Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Sneak peek this week at 'Trekkies'

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        We're hearing plenty these days about how crazy Star Wars fans have become, whipped into a frenzy over The Phantom Menace, buying up toys and jamming the Internet with messages giving away the plot.

        Fascinating, as our favorite Vulcan Mr. Spock might say, but hardly up to the standards of the world's most loyal and obsessive sci-fi fans.

        We're talking about devotees of Star Trek, a breed so unique they have spawned their own documentary.

        Trekkies, a funny, far-ranging look at Trek fandom in all its eccentric glory, went into production in 1996 under director Roger Nygard and executive producer Denise Crosby — familiar to Trek fans as Lt. Tasha Yar.

        The movie includes interviews with Trek stars and their acolytes, including a dentist who requires his office staff to dress in Trek costumes, a man who legally changed his name to James T. Kirk, and the woman who made headlines when she was thrown off the Whitewater jury for showing up in her Starfleet uniform.

        Acquired last year by Paramount Pictures (owners of the Star Trek franchise), the movie is tentatively due for theatrical release around the country later this spring.

        But starting Friday, audiences in Portland, Ore., and Indianapolis will get a sneak peek at the film during test runs of at least a week.

        Indianapolis theaters showing Trekkies include Loews Cineplexes at College Park (317-492-9770) and Cherry Tree (317-592-9771); Regal Shiloh Crossing (317-273-8958) and General Cinemas in Greenwood (317-888-7224) and Clearwater (317-595-6234).

        Check out the Trekkies home page at


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