Thursday, March 19, 1998
Police to remove bands of mourning
Lapel pins will honor Covington officer

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Partin pin
To honor fallen Covington Police Officer Mike Partin, a lapel pin will be worn on police uniforms.
(Glenn Hartong photo)
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In the Line of Duty:
Mike Partin

COVINGTON - Police officers will remove the mourning bands from their badges today, replacing them with new pins to honor fallen Officer Mike Partin.

In a memo issued Wednesday, Chief Al Bosse ordered removed the bands officers have worn on their badges since Officer Partin fell into the Ohio River on Jan. 4. He also said he would recommend to Mayor Denny Bowman that all city flags stop being flown at half-staff. The department's hurt and frustration are natural, the chief's memo said, but it is time to set a standard for how the situation should be handled.

"As is the case with any tragedy, a healing period must be allowed to take place," the memo said. "We must show our strength by moving on with our lives, but never forgetting the sacrifice and the memory of our fallen brother."

The move to the lapel pins was made with the support of the Covington Fraternal Order of Police and after consulting with Officer Partin's widow, Lisa. The chief authorized the pins to be worn for a year and said the bands will return to the badges when his body is found.

The investigation continues into the chase that ended with Officer Partin's fall. Detectives and experts in scene reconstruction headed to the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge again Wednesday, this time with the Kenton County Police Department's computerized mapping equipment.

Commonwealth Attorney Don Buring declined to say what he has decided regarding possible charges against Shawnta Robertson, 20, of Cincinnati, whom Officer Partin was helping to chase. He remains in jail in Cincinnati for an unrelated probation violation and faces Kenton County charges of driving under the influence, possession of marijuana and running a red light. That case returns to court April 2.

Whether Mr. Robertson can be charged with anything else because of the officer's death is not yet known.