Tuesday, February 3, 1998
Transcript of police radio calls

Kathleen S. Conway
Here is a transcript of radio conversations among Officer Kathleen Conway, dispatchers and fellow officers Monday night. The transcript begins at 7:42 p.m. Click here to listen along in streaming RealAudio. If you don't have the free RealAudio Player, download it here.

Conway: Help! Help! I need assistance! I'm shot in the car! Help, I'm shot!

Female Voice: Where do you need it?

Conway: Help! I need help!

Male Voice: 1238 Elm, I believe. 1030 I believe I heard shots fired there.

Conway: Unintelligible screaming.

Female Voice: Location . . . 1212, what's your location?

Male Voice: 1080, we got a location?

Female Voice: Negative...Officer needs assistance, District 1, unknown location . . . 12th and Elm. Officer needs assistance, 12th and Elm. Possibly shots fired.

Male Voice: 1080 35, 12th and Elm, do not see them.

Male Voice: 1240, play the tape back.

Female Voice: 1212, what's your location?

Conway: Distress? I've been involved in a shooting on Central Parkway north of Liberty. I need some help.

Male Voice: 1080, I copy that. Check on her safety.

Female Voice: 1212, are you hurt?

Conway: That's affirmative.

Male Voice: 1080, I'll be there in 5 seconds. Blocking it off with four cars.

Female Voice: Attention all cars, all departments. An officer has been injured. Possible shooting offense at 12th and Central Parkway. Repeating, Cincinnati officer needs assistance at 12th and Central Parkway. A possible shooting offense. The officer reporting she is injured. Approach with caution.

Male Voice: (Unintelligible) . . . She's at Liberty and, uh, Elm. 1240, 1240, no more cars

Female Voice: 1240, are you on the scence?

Male Voice: A . . . crash (unintelligible) let me talk.

Female Voice: Go ahead.

Male Voice: We're at about, uh, just about north of Central Parkway. We've got a couple rescue units. We've got an officer in the car shot. (sirens in the background).

Female Voice: OK, uh, you need to go slower. Where are you?

Male Voice: (Unintelligible) . . . We're at the corner of Central Parkway, just north of . . .

Female Voice: OK, Parkway north of what?

Male Voice: North of West Liberty Street.

Female Voice: You got any other cars with you?

Male Voice: I need a rescue unit. I need a rescue unit!

Female Voice: Attention all cars, all departments. No addtional officers are to respond. Reference the officer shot on Central Parkway just north of Liberty. Repeat: no other units are to respond on the assistance. 1240, 1240 go ahead.

1240: I will take care of it on the scene here. We have the perimeter secure. We need a fire company to expedite.

Female Voice: Fire company is responding . . . other units.

Male Voice: Other units to transmit at this point. I'm also going to need the what-do-you-call-it list?

Female Voice: I need if you can give us a call to know the condition right now also.

Male Voice: I'll give you one in two minutes.

Male Voice: We've got the address right. 1627 Central Parkway. Female Voice: Copy 1627 Central.

Male Voice: Car 15 responding

Female Voice: Car 15 Copy.

Male Voice: 1230

Female Voice: 1230 Copy

Male Voice: 1230

Female Voice: Car 1230

Male Voice: They're on standby. And we have the night chief responding.

Female Voice: The night chief is responding.

Male Voice: Is homicide responding?

Male Voice: I'm notifying now.

Male Voice: OK, so you know who might have done this?