Sunday, January 25, 1998
Hints taunt river searchers
Officer missing three weeks now

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Kathy Dayhoff-Dwyer, rear, another EMT, and Rennen, a search dog, check a pile of driftwood off Sayler Park where three dogs indicated an alert.
(Tony Jones photo)
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Air and boat searches of the Ohio River will resume today, as Tristate police agencies and rescue organizations continue looking for the body of Covington Police Officer Michael Partin.

More than 300 area volunteers and rescue workers Saturday combed the banks of the Ohio River and its tributaries in search of the officer's body. Officer Partin fell from the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge early Jan. 4 during a chase.

''Unfortunately, we have to report it has been a long, cold, hard day of searching . . . (and) once again we have not been able to find the body of Police Officer Mike Partin,'' said Assistant Chief Bill Dorsey of the Covington Police Department.

Lt. Col. Dorsey said the rising river will make the banks too slippery and dangerous for foot searches.

Twenty boats, including some with underwater cameras, and a National Guard helicopter took part in the search. Areas of the Ohio and Kentucky shores downstream from Cincinnati were searched, as was all of the Dearborn County shoreline in Indiana.

Mike Partin
Six dogs trained to locate cadavers ''made three or four hits'' in debris fields along the river, Lt. Col. Dorsey said.

At one such area in the 5900 block of River Road in Sayler Park, three dogs affiliated with the Vanderburgh County Emergency Management Agency in Evansville, Ind., led authorities to a driftwood-covered mound at the river's edge. The dogs are trained in water searches and can pick up the a cadaver's scent in the air.

After one of the dogs, Stryder, indicated an ''alert,'' or hit, just after 11 a.m., two other dogs - Kirstie and Rennen - confirmed the find by digging in the same area and barking.

Officers said they planned to return to the scene this morning and have a boat remove the trees, driftwood and other debris so they could dig in the spot the dogs had indicated.

''Not being able to find (Officer Partin) right off the bat is mentally fatiguing,'' said Hamilton County Deputy Sheriff John Shapter, as he walked a hilly bank in Sayler Park.

''I think the general consensus is we want to find him for the family, so they can get some sort of closure.''

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