Tuesday, January 13, 1998
Weather delays hunt for officer

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Mike Partin
COVINGTON, Ky. - Weather again fouled up the search for Officer Mike Partin's body, causing his bosses Monday to postpone looking until the Ohio River recedes.

But they insisted the decision did not mean they have stopped looking for the 25-year-old officer.

''It's a terrible feeling, very frustrating,'' Assistant Chief Bill Dorsey said of the delay.

Rising water and quick current made it unsafe for people, and even boats, to be in the water, he said.

''The searchers have performed above and beyond the call of duty in every respect,'' Lt. Col. Dorsey said in a statement. ''Every thing humanly possibly to find our fallen comrade has been done.''

As of Monday morning, the water had risen almost 1 feet in 24 hours, to 49 feet - 3 feet under flood stage. Searches by helicopter were supposed to continue, but Monday's weather prohibited that, too.

Officer Partin fell into the water from the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge early Jan. 4 while trying to help another officer chase a suspect. He had been on the force 15 months. Married eight months, he and his wife, Lisa, lived in Taylor Mill.

Mrs. Partin cannot access any financial benefits while her husband is presumed dead. A death certificate is necessary for her to draw the money. That can be issued after a petition is filed in court and a judge agrees to sign it.

Kentucky law says a person who ''goes from and does not return to this state for seven successive years'' can be legally considered dead. The seven-year rule, however, can be overcome if enough evidence is presented to convince a judge the person is dead.

The suspect being chased, Shawnta Robertson, 20, remains in jail in Cincinnati for an unrelated probation violation. In connection with the chase, he faces misdemeanor counts in Kenton County of driving under the influence, resisting arrest, running a red light and possession of marijuana.

Kenton County Attorney Garry Edmondson said Monday his office was still trying to have Mr. Robertson extradited to Kentucky to face the chase charges before his 150-day Ohio sentence is up.

Arrangements for services for Officer Partin are tentative, pending the recovery of his body.

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