Thursday, January 1, 1998
Officer's wife thanks community
for support

Daniel Pope and his wife Linda, a firefighter
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On Dec. 6, Cincinnati Police Officer Daniel Pope and Spc. Ronald Jeter were shot to death while serving a warrant. The tragedy brought forth an outpouring of sympathy and support from throughout the nation. Officer Pope's wife, Linda, expresses her thoughts on the community's reaction to her husband's untimely death.

It's wonderful when love works out exactly the way it's supposed to, like it did with Dan and me. Ironically, our time together was cut short by Dan's untimely and tragic death.

Since Dan's murder, I have felt more heartbreak and utter devastation than I ever thought possible. But the response from the citizens and businesses of Cincinnati has helped me cope with the sorrow, anger and injustice of his death. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

A major note of gratitude goes to all the individuals who organized and participated in Dan's funeral services. It was indeed a hero's farewell.

I thank all who mourned Dan's death in private, who attended his services or lined the streets of the funeral procession. Your displays of respect are images that will be with me for a lifetime.

I am grateful to my family and friends who provide me with loving support. I especially thank them for their emotional and physical presence which gives me the strength to face each new day.

I truly appreciate everyone who shared their special memories of Dan. I enjoyed the stories that made me laugh, for they temporarily replaced my pain with laughter. These are the memories that I care to remember.

Thanks to everyone that shared their grief by sending cards, letters and prayers. By sending donations to the Shriner's Burn Institute and other charitable organizations and who honored Dan's death with trees and memorials. Your show of support has been overwhelming.

I thank everyone who visited or made a donation to the Cincinnati Police Memorial. Although the memorial is a beautiful tribute to the men and women killed in the line of duty, it makes me sad to know that there is a need for this place.

To the innocent children who made me cards: Your honesty and child-like views of the situation touched me deeply, but also saddened me to know that you must grow up with violence in your lives.

Special thanks to the City of Cincinnati and the communities that surrounds her. To the Police Division, FOP Lodge 69, the Fire Division and law enforcement agencies across the United States.

So many people have helped me that it's difficult to list them all. However, there are some I wish to acknowledge.

I thank Chief Michael Snowden for his warm embrace and his gentle words. I thank the Halusek family for their unending generosity. Thanks to Rev. Mark Pruden for his words and his presence. Thanks to the firefighters and paramedics who tried to save Dan's life. Thanks to all the restaurants and caterers that donated their time and food. A special thanks to Superior Chevrolet for their stunning display of lights.

I thank and appreciate immeasurably Cincinnati Police Sergeant Christopher Ruehmer and District Fire Chief Paul Weber and his wife, Nadine, who handled my affairs during this difficult time.

Finally, the people who deserve the biggest thanks are the police officers who continue to work our dangerous streets each and every day of the year. To everyone of you, thank you for your courage and dedication. Be safe.

It's comforting to know so many people loved and genuinely cared for Dan. He is the sweetest man I have ever known, and I will love him forever. We've all been forced into pain that we didn't ask for.

I pray that the new year will bring emotional healing for all.

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