Saturday, December 13, 1997
Four charged in funeral unrest
Police: Men stirred crowd at Davenport rites

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Four men arrested for allegedly throwing bottles at police and inciting others at the funeral for Alonzo Davenport in Over-the-Rhine Thursday were jailed Friday in lieu of $125,000 bond each.

The men are accused of encouraging the crowd to chant, block cars and taunt police Thursday in Mr. Davenport's honor.

Charged were:

  • Rodreguez Gibson, 23, 504 Clark St., West End, was charged with aggravated rioting after he was seen in a crowd of 60 to 80 people. Police said he incited the crowd to stop cars in the street and threw bottles at police and civilians.

  • Quinten Chambers, who refused to provide an address, was charged with aggravated rioting for allegedly tossing a glass bottle into the air near police and refusing repeated requests to leave.

  • Carl Robinson, who refused to provide an address, was charged with aggravated rioting and disorderly conduct after he allegedly refused to leave the area.

  • Antonio Jones, 18, 2206 Vine St., Mount Auburn, was charged with aggravated rioting and drug possession after a police helicopter pilot observed him jumping on cars and throwing bottles at police. Defense attorneys pleaded for lower bonds, questioning prosecutors' characterization of the incident.

    ''Blocking traffic is not an offense of violence,'' said Richard A. Magnus, who represented Mr. Jones. ''This is a disorderly conduct, not an aggravated riot.''

    But Hamilton County Municipal Judge Dennis Helmick cited the seriousness of the alleged offenses when setting the high bond. About 10 deputies guarded the courtroom Friday, compared to the usual two or three.

    ''It's just a precautionary measure,'' sheriff's spokesman Col. Dan Wolfangel said.

    ''Anytime you have multiple arrests stemming from a single incident, we beef up security,'' he added.

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