Tuesday, December 9, 1997
Killer's family visits his home

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Alonzo Davenport
Members of Alonzo Davenport's family tripped police alarms when they returned to the apartment at 23 Hollister St. where he fatally shot two police officers.

Family members say they were at the building Monday afternoon to collect Mr. Davenport's belongings. They were joined by Marvin Jones, the man who was at the home Friday night and called 911 to report two plainclothes officers had been shot.

Mr. Jones declined to comment. Neither he nor members of Mr. Davenport's family were arrested. Police officers at the scene in Clifton Heights said they told the family that the property remains off-limits while an investigation continues.

The family had been in the nondescript, two-story gray building only a few moments when police arrived, said Joann Madden, Mr. Davenport's grandmother.

''We were in there; no one talked to us pertaining to going in there,'' Ms. Madden said.

''We're sorry for what happened, but we've got a lot of questions.''

Before leaving, police officers put additional yellow crime-scene tape outside one of the entrances to the apartment. The building must remain off-limits until investigators are sure they've processed all relevant evidence, police said.

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