Sunday, December 7, 1997
'Take care of each other'
Chief's video played at roll call

The Cincinnati Enquirer

In an emotional videotape produced for police officers on Saturday, Cincinnati Police Chief Michael Snowden urged officers to let caution guide them as they policed the streets of the city.

''All of you have to go to work tonight,'' Chief Snowden said on the tape. ''We have to heal. We have to take time to grieve and we all need to take time to pray.

''We will find out what happened. My concern is for all of you who have to go to work. Do what you were trained to do. Do what you are directed to do and watch out and take care of each other.''

The tape was made Saturday morning and distributed to the city's five districts, to be played for officers during roll calls.

Chief Snowden was flanked by Spc. Herb Hood, who trains recruits to use defensive tactics; Fraternal Order of Police President Pete Ritter and Lt. Col. Walt McAlpin, commander of the resource bureau.

Mr. Hood called for vigilance and asked officers to keep their loved ones in mind.

''Go home every night to your family,'' he said. ''Be tenacious with your safety practices. Don't have a false sense of security at any time. Protect yourself and each other.''

Lt. Col. McAlpin asked police officers to await the results of the on-going investigation before reaching any conclusions. ''We have suffered a tragic loss - suffered a chink in our armor,'' he said.

''Do not cast stones. Take care of each other. I love you all,'' he said before breaking down into tears.

The camera then shifted back to Chief Snowden, who remembered the death of his son before he again urged all officers to take care.

''Be on guard,'' he said. ''God bless all of you. I'll pray for all of you.''

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