Sunday, April 6, 1997
NKU serves
2,500-foot sandwich

World-class sub raises flood funds

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Northern Kentucky University students build a 2,500-foot sandwich at Regents Hall on campus Saturday.
(Saed Hindash photo)
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HIGHLAND HEIGHTS - So just how big is the world's biggest sandwich?

Big enough to take up an entire basketball court. Big enough to need almost 300 people to make it. Big enough for 625 pounds of ham, 450 tomatoes, 260 pounds of cheese and 2,500 feet of bread.

About 275 Northern Kentucky University students attempted Saturday to take a bite out of the record for the world's biggest sandwich.

The record, according to event organizer and NKU student Chris Boggs, is - or hopefully was - 1,900 feet.

The NKU sandwich, snaked on tables around the covered hardware floor at Regents Hall, totaled 2,500 feet when the last helpings of ham, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes were heaped on a bun.

''I'm pretty good at this,'' said sophomore Kris Kamrath of Heartland, Wis., whose job was to place buns on top of completed sandwiches. ''I might just change my major.''

Mr. Boggs got the idea for the record-breaking sandwich.

''I was watching CNN last summer and saw some students at the University of China break the record with a 1,900-foot sandwich,'' said Mr. Boggs, a 26-year-old theater and psychology major from New Orleans.

Students used pictures and video tape to document the making of the sandwich in hopes the effort will be recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records.

The event also benefitted victims of last month's flooding in Falmouth, Ky. A $2 donation was collected at the door, with the money going to the American Red Cross.

Half of the sandwich was taken to Falmouth to feed volunteers and flood victims. And for the other half?

''We're going to eat it,'' said junior Matt Saner of Batesville, Ind., a business management major.