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Saturday, January 4, 1997

GM's list of allegedly ficticious sales by Schott Chevy-Geo

date sale
customer name
date sold
customer name
1. Astro9/15/95K. Smead2/17/96Carter, Susan/Steve
2. Lumina APV9/19/95M. Smith8/1/96To auction
3. Lumina9/19/95B. Ludmick7/18/96Schott Rental
4. Tracker9/19/95B. Kullman8/1/96To auction
5. Prizm9/20/95R.D. Chadmick8/1/96To auction
6. Lumina9/20/95B. McCowan7/18/96Schott Rental
7. Camaro Z289/20/95R. Martin8/1/96To auction
8. Blazer9/20/95L.O. McCowan1/12/96Mark S. Poblano
9. Tracker9/21/95B.S. Cox7/18/96To auction
10. Cavalier9/21/95So. Ohio Ins.4/11/96K. Ridenour (Schott Buick)
11. Lumina9/21/95J. Fittro4/25/96Schott Rental
12. Astro9/22/95G.A. Radke3/29/96Shad S. Stiger
13. Astro9/22/95G.P. Radke4/25/96Schott Rental
14. Tracker9/22/95J. Guilkey7/29/96To auction
15. Tracker9/22/95B. Harrison6/15/96Kayle N. Houser
16. Camaro Z289/22/95A. Bowden8/1/96To auction
17. Lumina9/22/95B. Fitzgerald4/25/96Schott Rental
18. Cavalier9/22/95H. Kinman3/29/96D. Wene
19. G-Van9/23/95D. Powers5/31/96Totes, Inc.
20. Astro9/23/96Alton Brick Co.4/25/96Schott Rental
21. Ext P/U9/23/95Alton Brick Co.4/15/96R.G. Couch (Schott Buick)
22. Ext P/U9/23/95Alton Brick Co.2/24/96T. Bowling (Schott Buick)
23. Lumina APV9/25/95R.J. Ludwick8/1/96To auction
24. Astro9/25/95R.O. Everson4/25/96Schott Rental
25. Lumina9/25/95Deaconess Med.2/8/96Cincinnati Reds
26. Lumina9/25/95Deaconess Med.2/7/96Cincinnati Reds
27. Lumina9/25/95Deaconess Med.2/9/96Cincinnati Reds
28. Lumina9/25/95Deaconess Med.3/23/96P. Meagher
29. Astro9/26/95Connenient Food8/1/96To auction
30. Astro9/26/95Connenient Food8/1/96To auction
31. Lumina9/26/95P. McCaffrey2/19/96Schott Rental
32. Tracker9/26/95E. Litton7/18/96To auction
33. G-Van9/27/95Dixie Machinery8/1/96To auction
34. Tracker9/27/95J. Pieper 7/29/96To auction
35. Tracker9/27/95K. Bressler 8/1/96To auction
36. Astro9/28/95M.D. Ruiz4/20/96Schott Rental
37. Camaro Z289/28/95J. Enright8/1/96To auction
38. Camaro Z289/28/95M.J. Barnett8/1/96To auction
39. Corsica9/28/95C. Henderson2/19/96Schott Rental
40. Cavalier9/28/95So. Ohio Ins.2/28/96T.M. Gehler (Schott Buick)
41. Tracker9/28/95G. Wahoff8/1/96To auction
42. G-Van9/29/95Dixie Machinery8/1/96To auction
43. G-Van9/29/95Dixie Machinery1/20/96Carlos P. Gray
44. G-Van9/29/95Dixie Machinery8/1/96To auction
45. Astro MkIII9/29/95M.L. (illegible)8/1/96To auction
46. Lumina9/29/95J. Allen2/19/96Schott Rental
47. Camaro Z289/29/95D.D. Dibattista2/28/96William Bitter
48. Beretta9/29/95L. Holtman6/11/96D.K. Scardina
49. Lumina9/29/95P. Dilbert3/12/96Crist, C & K
50. Lumina9/29/95G. Kumli8/1/96To auction
51. Camaro Z289/30/95P. Brown5/28/96Ramona Corcoran
52. Camaro9/30/95S.C. West8/1/96To auction
53. Camaro9/30/95B. Fellinger8/1/96To auction
54. Monte Carlo9/30/95C. Dilbert3/5/96K.A. Smith
55. Lumina9/30/95J. Bressler8/1/96To auction
56. Monte Carlo9/30/95E. Meehan3/13/96R.D. Lucas
57. Cavalier9/30/95K.M. Radke3/15/96J.R. Robinson

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