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Ohio, Kentucky offer tough races
        LOS ANGELES — Now that the glitter and glamour of a convention in the shadow of the Hollywood Hills is over, delegates from Ohio and Kentucky face a cold, hard reality.

Debate to put state on stage
        LOS ANGELES — Kentucky will be a major focus of the fall campaign by acting as host of the only scheduled vice presidential debate in this year's election.

Democrats rely on black voters
        LOS ANGELES — If this year's presidential election is like most in the last four decades, only one of every 10 African-Americans who go to the polls will vote for the Republican candidate.

Sen. Harkin fires up the Ohio delegation
        LOS ANGELES — Democrats' job this fall is to show voters back home that George W. Bush's “compassionate conservatism” is an empty slogan, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa told Ohio delegates Thursday.

Tipper: Women deciding election
        LOS ANGELES — Tipper Gore and Hadassah Lieberman, appearing together Thursday at a spirited AFL-CIO rally for union women, said voter turnout among women could decide the presidential election.

CROWLEY: The morning after
        LOS ANGELES — The Democrats are in trouble.

WILKINSON: A new decade
        LOS ANGELES — There was a time not so long ago when it would have been inconceivable that an Ohio delegation to a Democratic National Convention would include someone named Celeste who faded into the woodwork.

Convention notes

lucas Lucas disses Gore, stays home
Northern Ky. Congressman Ken Lucas caused a ruckus a few days before the convention when he announced he would not vote for Al Gore's nomination. A day later and under pressure, Lucas announced he would skip the convention.
Lucas to skip convention
Lucas's absence clouds delegation
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Delegates can live with Lieberman
WILKINSON: Labor has qualms over Gore
Chesley among elite fund-raisers
CROWLEY: Lucas' decision cheered
Democrats claim GOP was faking diversity at convention
Shalala says GOP puts Social Security at risk
Busy Patton shines at Demo convention
Delegates prove myth is wrong
Gore needs male vote
Metzenbaum blasts Bush's choice of Cheney
WILKINSON: Now Al can get to work
CROWLEY: Party patter
Young people key to election, delegate says
Party leaders urge delegates to stress the positives
Delegates say Clinton achievements trump scandal
Thank Clinton for centrism, Cuomo says
Gore team plans Kentucky visit
Hyde Park woman for Bradley
Patton speaks about education
Patton, daughter a team
WILKINSON: Kucinich defiantly liberal
CROWLEY: Protests provide insights of sorts
Filmmakers focus on Ohio delegates
WILKINSON: Ohio needs new stars
CROWLEY: Dems: Back your party
Democrats expect L.A. bounce
WILKINSON: Gore heir to adulation of stars
CROWLEY: Next mess just matter of time
Gore finds fund-raising tough here
Voters' interest varies
Dems keeping victory in focus
CROWLEY: It's time for the political games
Jewish leaders say Lieberman optimistic choice
Tristate calls pick 'inspired'
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