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Sports columnist Tim Sullivan earned a journalism degree from the University of Missouri, and has been writing about sports for The Cincinnati Enquirer since 1977. He has been writing a column since 1984, after serving as the Enquirer's beat reporter on the Reds, Bengals and University of Cincinnati. His previous newspaper experience was with the now-defunct Tulsa Tribune.

His column philosophy: "My approach to column writing is deliberate. I like to poke around before pontificating. Reporting rarely changes my attitude, but it invariably influences the tone of what I write. The more research you do, the more interviews you conduct, the better chance you have of writing with authority.

"The danger in diligent reporting is that it makes you see more shades of gray in a job that calls for daily opinion. The virtue is that it brings balance."

E-mail: tsullivan@enquirer.com; phone: (513) 768-8456; fax: (513) 768-8550; mail: Tim Sullivan, Sports, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.

D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 1
No field day for Rackers Dec 31
Pitino traitor to UK fans Dec 30
'Greatest' captured in good film Dec 29
Bengals better? Just barely Dec 27
Bengals tearing apart at seams Dec 24
Don't stifle spontaneity Dec 23
LaRosa provided punch Dec 22
Tubby shows his Zen side Dec 19
Carruth comes of age for Cats Dec 19
Akili earns another look Dec 17
O'Leary fails true-or-false test Dec 16
Davis' defense gets better of West Dec 15
A game only a mother could dread Dec 13
A move that helps only the payroll Dec 12
No more scorn for pass rush Dec 10
Selig's math doesn't add up Dec 9
'Bitter little man' played mighty big Dec 8
Kitna sees lack of 'urgency' Dec 6
Dream dies hard for Bombers Dec 2

N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 1
Is game getting too pricey? Nov 29
Destination: Oblivion Nov 26
Michigan worth wait for Tressel Nov 25
OSU coach faces test of integrity Nov 24
Logan will need some help Nov 21
Kitna fills QB void, for now Nov 19
Mooney made the difference Nov 18
She'll run this race standing still Nov 17
FB Neal is one-man block party Nov 15
Contraction - A reality show worth watching Nov 14
D'Backs have the last comeback Nov 5
Snakes bite back Nov 4
For every hero, there's a Kim Nov 3
Mystique, aura and timely hits Nov 2
Another page in Yankee lore Nov 1

O C T O B E R   2 0 0 1
Clemens answers SOS Oct. 31
Diamondbacks betting it all on this roll Oct. 30
Counsell's calling is postseason Oct. 29
Ugly night for the champs Oct. 28
Brenly ready to play aces more quickly Oct. 27
Yankees simply know how to win Oct. 23
Soriano: Trade bait to hero Oct. 22
Yankees fall on their gloves Oct. 21
Piniella never left at a loss Oct. 20
Johnson beats Maddux at his game Oct. 17
Mariners scoff at pressure Oct. 15
Mariners too good to be true Oct. 14
Bigger tests await Willingham Oct. 13
Bengals receivers need time to mature Oct. 11
Bengals back where they started Oct. 8
Bengals Bandwagon accelerates Oct. 7
For the record, timing is everything Oct. 4
Jordan driven by his own legend Oct. 2

S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 1
Hop on Bengals bandwagon Sep. 30
New outlook, newfound success Sep. 24
Lorenzen's inactivity ominous Sep. 23
Last thing we need is a baseball war Sep. 20
Emotional rescue at ballpark Sep. 19
Being free has its price Sep. 16
NFL must put sense before $$$ Sep. 13
Sports ought to put games on the shelf Sep. 12
Narrow stop has big meaning Sep. 10
Tressel's in harmony with OSU Sep. 9
Bengals fans just looking for hope Sep. 6
Miami freshman enters school of hard knocks Sep. 2
Dillon does most with least Sep. 1

A U G U S T   2 0 0 1
Miami pals don't always stay in line Aug.30
Hey, Michael: Just do it Aug.29
College Saturdays beat pro Sundays Aug.26
Death on the football field Aug.25
Earnhardt's legacy should be increased safety Aug.22
Rijo tells sweet tale with effort Aug.18
Will Rafter take advantage or vacation? Aug.12
Corking bats common, accepted Aug.11
Bonds' patience, performance unrivaled Aug.9
Still no conclusion to Rose saga Aug.8
Puckett's induction ode to joy Aug. 6
Mazeroski pitches respect for defense Aug. 5
Kitna is where Smith wants to be Aug. 4
OSU teammate mourns Stringer Aug. 2
No trades, but also no guarantees Aug. 1

J U L Y   2 0 0 1
Hold on to Reese July 29
Welcome home, Tony July 28
Camp rigors bring relief to Simmons, Scott July 26
Sell Olympics on what's here July 25
Where does Walker fit in July 22
Dunn gets instant respect July 21
Larkin or Reese will have to go July 20
Junior's plea: Don't cut costs July 19
LeBeau looking for that look July 18
SULLIVAN: Ripken rewards voters July 11
Cameron emerges as star July 10
Bring up Dunn now July 9
Fighter's dad would prefer he had day job July 8
Donald's big chance also his last chance July 7
Lindner-Larkin deal all-time Reds blunder July 1

J U N E   2 0 0 1
Rijo can't give up Jun. 29
Boxer finds title shot elusive Jun. 27
Griffey belongs in All-Star Game Jun. 24
Sign Casey now Jun. 21
Carroll makes his pitch to NASCAR boss Jun. 17
Next move: Call up Dunn Jun. 16
Bengals' Langford turns to boxing Jun. 13
Big-time tournaments just around the Bend? Jun. 7
Perez deserved 2nd chance Jun. 3
Bengals fans wanted for movie Jun. 2
Verplank has case for cart Jun. 1

M A Y   2 0 0 1
Another challenge for Tiger May. 31
Penske's winning ways still same May. 28
Unser Jr.'s obsession still burns at Indy May. 27
Turmoil boiling in Reds' front office May. 26
Scott dropping the ball May. 24
Baseball could learn from NFL realignment May. 23
Wagering a way of life for some May. 20
Webb may be key to Bengals' turnaround May. 19
Sacrificing teams isn't only solution May. 17
Wanna see Griffey? Go to BP May. 16
Ward gets the last word May. 6
Reds attendance off 21 percent May. 5
Pitino lets others do his Derby work May. 4
Post positions overrated May 3
Will Deion stay past kickoff? May 2

A P R I L   2 0 0 1
Tressel cracks down on Buckeyes Apr. 29
Right time for Prime Time Apr. 28
LaRosa proposes boxing for bonding kids, cops Apr. 26
Hard decision, harder job Apr. 25
Smith passed Krumrie test Apr. 22
Pryor's son missing dad's fury Apr. 21
Huggins right for Cavs Apr. 20
Davis' potential matches his girth Apr. 19
Reds bungle Griffey case Apr. 18
Second-hand horse comes up first Apr. 15
Pete Rose at 60: Older but not wiser Apr. 14
'Pops' loved to play, and it showed Apr. 11
Bob Boone Apr. 9
Reds not in swing of things Apr. 8
Fernandez crucial to Reds' hopes Apr. 4
Infielders advised to wear body armor Apr. 3
Splendor, fewer splints, in the grass Apr. 2
Cinergy Field reborn too late Apr. 1

M A R C H   2 0 0 1
Tired legs lead to tough loss Mar. 27
USC guard married for eligibility Mar. 24
USC happy to prevent UK-Duke Mar. 23
Battier too good, and all true Mar. 22
Musketeers unselfish to a fault Mar. 19
Knight: High risk, high reward? Mar. 18
XU loss not really a surprise Mar. 17
Can Xavier beat luck of Irish? Mar. 16
Huggins finally cracked the code Mar. 12
UC guards too pooped to pop Mar. 11
Logan or Satterfield or bust Mar. 10
Big Blue fans may end up seeing red Mar. 10
Bearcats don't let guard down Mar. 9
Logan loses fat carrying Bearcats Mar. 8
Bengals finally get serious Mar. 7
Bengals dare to think big Mar. 5
Crum's happy face fools nobody Mar. 3

F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 1
Young will see pitches - and possibilities Feb. 24
High pay heightens expectations for A-Rod Feb. 22
Tracy tries to make it right in L.A. Feb. 21
Even toughest race fans overcome Feb. 20
NASCAR pays high price for drama Feb. 19
Griffey can't please everyone Feb. 18
Pokey puts the love in glove Feb. 17
Camp Boone a busy place Feb. 16
Viewers put smack down on XFL Feb. 14
XU's Sato aims to please Feb. 11
Bengals need Akili insurance Feb. 10
Huggins now dresses for success Feb. 8
Kids get caught in coaches' crises Feb. 7
Logan makes UC go Feb. 4
Apprentice jockey seizing the day Feb. 2
Henson is worth pampering Feb. 1

J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 1
College reform movement inching ahead Jan. 31
UC's long road not without hope Jan. 28
LeBeau wants varied, unpredictable offense Jan. 26
Pokey gets E for RedsFest boycott Jan. 25
Is technology leaving golf behind? Jan. 24
Xavier's Frey points for perfection Jan. 21
Coaches' payoffs spur pay-for-play movement Jan. 20
Low-profile choice dulls OSU's shine Jan. 18
Abrupt end preserved Puckett's stature Jan. 17
New plan plays to UC's strength Jan. 14
Selfishness killing Lakers Jan. 13
Dillon calling the shots Jan. 11
Outmuscled, outshot, out of streaks Jan. 10
Home run hitters of golf Jan. 7
Stoops says no, but door not closed Jan. 6
Sexiest sportscaster poll reflects reality Jan. 4
Cooper couldn't beat Michigan or Woody Jan. 3

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