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Tim Sullivan was named one of the nation's top 10 columnists for 1999 by The Associated Press Sports Editors.

"Welcome. For those of you who have stumbled into this corner of cyberspace, please allow me to introduce myself. (For those of you who are familiar with my stuff, please keep your snickering to yourself.)

"I've been writing about sports for The Cincinnati Enquirer since the blizzard of 1977, and it has been suggested that some areas of my brain have yet to thaw. The rule of thumb in column writing is that if some of the people don't think you're an idiot, you haven't said anything. Cincinnati Magazine said I was the city's worst sportswriter one year. The next year, the same publication said I was the best.

"I doubt that I improved that much in one year. Probably, they just happened to agree with me about something. It does happen sometimes, albeit rarely."

D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 0
Tubbs fighting biggest fight Dec. 31
Cancer brings hockey family together Dec. 30
Selig plan is worth considering Dec. 28
Should Anderson stay or go? Dec. 25
A Christmas poem Dec. 24
Women rowers enjoying opportunity Dec. 23
Mitchell has earned the job Dec. 18
Wyche might make points for Bengals Dec. 17
Path to title opening for Donald Dec. 16
Go to West, young men Dec. 15
Tickets few, hard to find Dec. 14
Rodriquez contract insane Dec. 13
UC football still tough sell Dec. 10
Phillips drive like no other Dec. 9
Bad timing ruins Redsfest Dec. 7
LeBeau has earned the job Dec. 4
Concepcion getting short shrift from Hall voters Dec. 3

N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 0
These aren't Kenyon's Bearcats Nov. 30
Hopes in hands of hopefuls Nov. 29
Selig needs real plan to fix baseball Nov. 26
Weinke not too old for Heisman Nov. 25
Tremain Mack Nov. 22
Mitchell out, now what? Nov. 20
Henson looks more like QB than 3B Nov. 19
UC kicker thrives on pressure Nov. 18
Scott Mitchell Nov. 16
Akili Smith Nov. 15
IU professor aims to fix the system Nov. 12
Tour better keep Tiger happy Nov. 11
Bob Bedinghaus Nov. 9
Get the ball to Warrick Nov. 6
Reds need to clear the air on Oester Nov. 5
Give Boone chance to prove himself Nov. 4
Bengals out for respect Nov. 2
Who will manage depends on who decides Nov. 1

O C T O B E R   2 0 0 0
This old team is one for the ages Oct. 27
Derek Jeter Oct. 26
John Franco Oct. 26
Agbayani now proven major-leaguer Oct. 25
Paul O'Neill Oct. 25
Even Clemens can't explain Clemens Oct. 24
Clemens lucky he missed Oct. 23
Vizcaino joins Yankee lore Oct. 22
How will it play off Broadway? Oct. 21
The subway ride Rocker missed Oct. 20
Baseball on TV Oct. 19
The Yankees Oct. 18
Hampton leads Mets to World Series Oct. 17
LaRussa gambles and loses Oct. 16
Benes sheds playoff monkey Oct. 15
McGwire becomes patient hitter Oct. 14
Yankees' Sultan of Saves Oct. 13
AL playoffs Oct. 12
AL playoffs Oct. 12
Reds manager Oct. 11
Only New Yorkers root for Subway Series Oct. 10
Akili saves best move for media Oct. 9
Akili saves best move for media Oct. 9
NHL opens in style in Columbus Oct. 8
Vehr picked a bad time to ask Oct. 7
How about Manager Bench? Oct. 5
Ax will turn on Bowden Oct. 3
Bengals now hopeful, not hopeless Oct. 2
Good luck, Dick: You'll need it Oct. 1

S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 0
Coslet had 37 reasons to quit Sep. 26
Bengals fans: Why do you take it? Sep. 21
Joke's on the offensive line Sep. 18
Buckeyes can't expect easy wins anymore Sep. 17
Coslet's job on the line Sunday Sep. 16
Olympics can't shake drug issue Sep. 14
Smith shoulders another loss Sep. 11
Bengals need to pressure QB Sep. 10
Knight in command this time Sep. 9
Just slip out the back, Jack Sep. 7
Casey's wife helps him through slump Sep. 3
In the pool or out? Sep. 2

A U G U S T   2 0 0 0
Setback for gender equity Aug. 27
Unfair test, or fair assessment? Aug. 26
Focus must stay building for future Aug. 24
Groce takes leap of faith Aug. 23
Bengals give fans hope Aug. 20
Paul Brown missing from Paul Brown Stadium Aug. 19
Admiring Labonte pays tribute to Waltrip Aug. 6
Brian Grant chases title instead of dollars Aug. 5
Scott injury makes Dillon a necessity Aug. 3
Obscure references, crude jokes cloud Miller's debut Aug. 2

J U L Y   2 0 0 0
Akili helps you believe Jul. 30
Woman beater or innocent victim? Jul. 29
Reds chasing Cards or own tails? Jul. 27
Senior baseball isn't about your age Jun. 24
Hall is worth the wait Jul. 24
Sparky's 15 minutes of fame too short Jul. 23
Reds are ground zero for what ails baseball Jul. 22
Larkin's price too high Jul. 20
Doerger has big change to make Jul. 16
Reprieve for McKeon Jul. 15
Reds take risk, hope for best Jul. 13
Reds more important than 1 game Jul. 11
Williamson's chance to be leading man Jul. 9
Reds can't afford to re-sign Larkin Jul. 8
Hey Corey, I've got a job for ya Jul. 6

J U N E   2 0 0 0
Big move no big deal to Brown Jun. 25
Senior baseball isn't about your age Jun. 24
Reds need to make some decisions Jun. 21
Carroll strikes gold despite mud Jun. 18
Kobe seizes the moment Jun. 15
Improbable win could turn page Jun. 12
Lifeless Reds need respirator Jun. 11
A few Neagle losses may help Reds Jun. 10
Lessons will serve Bell him well Jun. 8
Who will be the Reds next manager? Jun. 7
Reds pick perfect tribute to Rose Jun. 4
Sad story of what might have been Jun. 3
It's about getting on base Jun. 1

M A Y   2 0 0 0
IRL embarrassment to Brickyard May 29
Perez Night recalls magical times May 28
Fisher not just a novelty at Indy May 27
Pacers sitting pretty even if win wasn't May 26
Real Nicklaus shines through May 25
Realignment stinks for Reds May 14
Indiana has to do something May 13
Strategy relies on bullpen May 11
Satterfield should keep escape route May 10
Pegasus makes it look easy May 7
McGwire swat going, going, still going May 6
Police horse runs for the roses May 4
Fist Saturday in May is Lukas time May 3

A P R I L   2 0 0 0
Warrick treasure chest of potential April 30
Goodbye, Carl, and good luck April 29
Politics tough turf for baseball April 27
Doerger on quest for redemption April 26
How much is Harnisch hurting? April 23
Cincinnati unlikely host for 2004 Games April 22
Teams draft ability not citizenship April 16
Draft could be answer to Pickens April 15
Tape proof of IU's trail of lies April 13
Dillon's threat tiresome April 12
Griffey wants No. 24 back April 9
Outfield platoon producing April 8
Neagle proves bad March meant nothing April 5
It's time for Griffey's star power to come out April 3
Pitching-weak Reds won't win or place April 2
Bengals need new deal for Dillon April 1

M A R C H   2 0 0 0
Young Gators have big bite March 27
Gottlieb forges new image in spotlight March 26
Duke can't fight fatigue March 25
Cowboys give Sutton shot at redemption March 23
NCAA spotlight finds Shine March 20
Tubby's son in over his head March 19
Controversial week for Knight ends with exit March 18
Bonnies prove loss can yield rewards March 17
NBA/s Stern recognizes his folly March 15
This March will be madder than most March 12
UK loss was as ugly as it gets March 11
One bad shot ruins XU's good night March 10
XU's West playing beyond his years March 9
Xavier has one last shot March 8
Stop and enjoy this not-so-regular UC season March 5
Sparky gives tip of cap to Reds March 1

F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 0
Larkin's dollars vs. Reds' sense Feb. 29
Cardinals in no hurry with Ankiel Feb. 28
Ol' Left-hander should have day Feb. 27
Astros still have look of a contender Feb. 26
Young fed up with trade rumors Feb. 25
Let the Home Run Derby begin Feb. 24
Reds salivate over Dunn Feb. 23
Griffey will help pitchers, hitters and accountants Feb. 22
Lots of driving but very little racing at Daytona Feb. 21
Pokey plays hard, works harder Feb. 20
Reds set pace in arms race Feb. 19
Stadium just more bad news for fans Feb. 17
Landry legacy is business over sentiment Feb. 16
XU's Price on roll after injury Feb. 13
Junior changes everything Feb. 11
Deal too good to pass Feb. 10
Tiger has golf world by the tail Feb. 10
Bowden's ducks all in a row - except one Feb. 9
Marty gives it straight Feb. 6
Beware of Griffey trade talks Feb. 5

J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 0
Rose swings, misses with book pitch Jan. 29
Another athlete takes driving fast for granted Jan. 26
Deion not worth the hype Jan. 23
UC's Martin: Where layups go to die Jan. 20
Unfitting end for Marino Jan. 16
Selig's ploy may work for Reds Jan. 15
'75 Reds must be honored - with Rose Jan. 13
Doggie's Day worth the wait Jan. 12
Bearcats know No. 1 means nothing until March Jan. 9
In NFL, even coaches want free agency Jan. 8
Bowden eats free in Griffey game Jan. 6
Pickens not so easy to ignore now Jan. 2
The future? You read it here first Jan. 1

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