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Sports columnist Tim Sullivan has been writing about sports for The Cincinnati Enquirer since 1977. He has been writing a column since 1984, after serving as the Enquirer's beat reporter on the Reds, Bengals and University of Cincinnati.

His column philosophy: "My approach to column writing is deliberate. I like to poke around before pontificating. Reporting rarely changes my attitude, but it invariably influences the tone of what I write. The more research you do, the more interviews you conduct, the better chance you have of writing with authority.

"The danger in diligent reporting is that it makes you see more shades of gray in a job that calls for daily opinion. The virtue is that it brings balance."

E-mail: tsullivan@enquirer.com; phone: (513) 768-8456; fax: (513) 768-8550; mail: Tim Sullivan, Sports, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.

M A Y   2002
For 25 years, it was a wonderful life May 7
Money rules the Derby May 5
From Buddha to Burner May 4
Journeyman trainer stops, smells the roses May 3
Bengals seek 'Frerari' in used-car lot May 2
Sullivan: OF-P solution: Trade Griffey May 1

A P R I L   2 0 0 2
Rijo enjoying it while arm lasts Apr 28
Reds strutting their stuff Apr 27
Baseball's future lies in balance Apr 25
Encarnacion brought all the tools Apr 24
Bengals' timing might be right Apr 21
Don't bet on Bengals' draft Apr 20
Opportunity knocks for Kearns Apr 18
Acevedo learns the hard way Apr 17
Bengals QB needs Apr 14
West's decision to stay rare treat Apr 11
Donald Little Apr 7
Little Ball yields big breaks Apr 2
Opening Day Apr 1

M A R C H   2 0 0 2
Michael Jordan Mar 31
Michigan scandal exposes NCAA's dirty laundry Mar 30
Will NBA be next suitor for Huggins? Mar 27
One call turned the tide against Winton Woods Mar 24
Flash bows to Bacon's true grit Mar 24
Huggins' 2 choices: Go home, stay home Mar 23
Brittanie Cecil Mar 21
Appreciation may come later Mar 18
XU needs its biggest muscle against OU Mar 17
Future is now for West Mar 15
Matta made transition look easy Mar 14
65 teams not enough Mar 11
Want Huggins to stay? Tell him today Mar 9
Steve Logan Mar 7
It's time to go after Bledsoe Mar 6
Junior a slugger who values health Mar 3

F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 2
Detroit, Dmitri Feb 28
Oester: Jr., Larkin tried Reds' morale Feb 27
Adam Dunn Feb 26
Rijo left thirsty by 2001 Feb 25
Tough week for the Griffeys Feb 24
At last, a break in the clouds Feb 23
Fresh start, sour memories Feb 21
Knuckleballer Feb 20
Ease up on Boone Feb 19
Reds camp Feb 18
Reds baseball Feb 17
Bob Huggins Feb 16
Expos Feb 13
No denying Bearcats' dominance Feb 10
On deck - Lawyers, politicians Feb 9
Prep football Feb 6
Mike Tyson: Exhibit A for national regulation Feb 3
Loyalty to Jucker endures Feb 3
Art Modell deserves heckling, not Hall Feb 2

J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 2
Shaw looks set to retire Jan 31
'Cats just too good Jan 30
XU's the best show off broadway Jan 27
Russian goalie has big talent Jan 26
Kearns' time as a Red may be near Jan 24
Replay camera not always reliable Jan 23
Yes, Virginia is better alternative for Expos Jan 20
UC-Louisville Jan 19
Reese, Reds part ways for good Jan 17
Cats keep changing stripes Jan 16
Romain Sato Jan 13
Selig's loan Jan 12
NFL record tainted Jan 10
Odd moves don't matter if you win Jan 7
Concepcion caught in Ozzie's shadow Jan 6
Spurrier coach Bengals? Great idea; no chance Jan 5
BCS title picture remains out of focus Jan 3

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