Monday, February 9, 1998
Help police clean scum
off Oxford streets

The Cincinnati Enquirer

There's a $5,000 reward out for two men in Oxford. And I hope someone turns them in real soon.

The FBI just announced it is offering $2,000. A Miami University professor is so outraged by what they did he's raised $3,000.

That's $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the men who brutally beat college student Christopher Jason Kindinger with a baseball bat.

The reward is worth every nickel when you hear what they did. Jason and a friend, Robert Brad Waite, were walking down a quiet Oxford street early on the morning of Jan. 19. The two 19-year-old Miami University sophomores, who go by their middle names, had just left a friend's house. As Brad and Jason walked on, two men sneaked up behind them.

Brad turned and saw something being swung at his head. He ducked and ran for help. Jason wasn't as fast or as lucky. He got hit again and again and again.

Jason is black. Brad is white.

Jason was attacked and beaten on Martin Luther King Day.

While they beat Jason, his attackers called him names. You know the ones, racial epithets and slurs, hurled by a pair of cowards beating a defenseless college kid.

Damage done

The bat fractured Jason's skull in six places. The bone under his left eye was broken in two. Another bone was so shattered it was putting life-threatening pressure on Jason's brain.

Because of the beating, Jason had to have reconstructive surgery on his face. His left cheekbone and eye socket were rebuilt. That left him with eight stitches and 12 staples on the outside and untold mental scars inside.

Jason had to leave school. Brad has, too.

The brutal attack made Steven DeLue ''outraged and frustrated.'' Steven is an associate dean of Miami's College of Arts and Sciences and a professor of political science.

''This is a university community where we're supposed to engage in intelligent discourse,'' he said. ''But this attack took place in the shadows created by communal indifference and fear.''

Steven didn't know Jason or Brad. But he knew he had to do something. At his wife's urging, he solicited funds over the Internet for a reward to nail Jason's attackers. He hoped to get $2,000 for his Justice Fund. He got $3,000.

Seen them?

The FBI and Oxford police are looking for two hefty white males in their late teens or early 20s.

According to the police description, each stands over 6-foot-2 and weighs more than 200 pounds.

One of these creeps has dark hair, shaved on the sides. His cheeks are very fat. The night of the attack, he was wearing a black or dark blue nylon athletic jacket with a hood and white stripes.

The other attacker has light hair. He was wearing a yellow hooded jacket.

There is a third person wanted in this crime. He was driving the getaway car, a sedan made in the late-1980s. It's light blue or gray in color, American-made.

That's all the cops have for physical descriptions. Psychologically, these three are putrescence personified. They are in league with the gutless criminals of hate who strike in the night, bombing buildings and burning churches. They are human cockroaches.

Whom to call

If you can help solve this case, there are four numbers to call.

  • In Oxford, talk to the police officer investigating the case, Detective Dennis Barter, at (513) 524-5258 or the anonymous tip line, (513) 524-5249.

  • To reach the FBI's Middletown office, call (513) 423-8030.

  • In Cincinnati, the FBI answers (513) 421-4310.

I have a hunch somebody out there knows the scumballs who did this.

For all our sakes, I hope they have the decency and the courage to call the cops.

Cliff Radel can be reached at 768-8379; fax 768-8340.