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Cliff Radel is a local news columnist for The Cincinnati Enquirer. Since taking that job in 1995, he has been named best columnist by the Cleveland Press Club and the Associated Press of Ohio, as well as the Gannett newspaper chain.

He is the author of two books, the first edition of Cincinnati Moments, a Celebration of Photographs from The Cincinnati Enquirer (1999) and the Big Red Machine Edition of Cincinnati Moments (2000). In a previous life, he was The Enquirer's popular-music critic for 19 seasons.

A native West Sider, he has deep Cincinnati roots. His Irish ancestors helped settle Westwood, worked on Union Terminal and joined his hard-headed German ancestors who put in a good day's work and never put on airs.

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, he received a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's in social psychology and has completed course work for a Ph.D. His work has also appeared in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post. He lives on the west side of town with his wife, Debbie.

E-mail: cradel@enquirer.com, phone: (513) 768-8379, fax: (513) 768-8340, mail: Cliff Radel, Columnist, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.

D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 2
It's goodbye to an era
Let's fight to keep out the Klan

N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 2
The spirit of thanks - Pass the gravy, hold the politics
Manly work duds make statement
Meeting a need - Clinics for teen drivers filling up
U.S. bishops failed to put kids first
Art opening can show city the way
Laying wreath in D.C. -Bowler honoring veterans
Read the results - 'No' nothings lacking trust in tax hikes
Make your way to the polls today
King Records makes history again

O C T O B E R   2 0 0 2
Tricks 'n' treats
This course could save a teen's life
Issue 7 - Vote with heart, not pocketbook
Police sergeant at vanguard of change
A waste of time - School board mentality is unevolved
Readers have terminal case of reactions
A broken promise - Thomas' son needs more from uncle
Vietnam memorial - Class learns names stand for loved ones
Hallowed ground has heard enough of war
Father, son learn about life on trail
Bengals - Don't boo 'em. Sue 'em

S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 2
Big Red Machine - Baseball, city have changed
Cinergy Field - Bland bowl is an old friend to its longtime workers
Toast to bakeries - Small shops are biggest on tradition
The 9-11 generation - Now, it's time for us to look ahead
Covedale Theater - A west side story worth savoring
Something to cheer - Everyone loves this parade

A U G U S T   2 0 0 2
Get me the president - Up to Bush to halt strike by baseball
Sweet memories of downtown
Disease carriers - Dead birds seem to rain from the sky
Immigrant prejudice - Army vet can't get night job
Land of nods - Army vet can't get night job
3 good Samaritans - Heroes? No - just good citizens
Festival seating too risky
Special Delivery - Mailman a portrait in courage
Farmer grins from ear to ear
The Queen City's King - A marker for a vinyl destination

J U L Y   2 0 0 2
Strangers - Childhood scenes from the summer of 2002
Tall Stacks 2003 - Pin one on and come to riverfront
Auto auction - The site's new, but it's same ol' characters
Blame it on wind - Irrational acts must be heat-related
Compromise prescription for success
Secret search - Schools slam door closed on taxpayers
Covedale Theater - A west side story worth savoring
'Liberal idiot!' - Readers give their take on Bengals lease
Still one nation - Thank your lucky stars and stripes
Cheviot fest - West side has smashing good time

J U N E   2 0 0 2
Renewel - Don't limit your prayers to stadium
Street festival - West side set to party all day long
Bengals bungle - Sweetheart deals from GOP cost us
Sleepless knight - Suspicions of plot afflict chief, wife
What's fair? - Compassion lacking in decision
The people's parks - Memories of the future endangered
Hear the customer - In business, fundamental things apply
Character flaw - City police need reform at the root
Closing St. Saviour - School's out, but tradition moves on

M A Y   2 0 0 2
Do you care? - Seven people could help save our city
Memorial Day - National law makes us remember
Watered down? - Oktoberfest angst leaves German 'aus'
Ultimate good cop - Bronze hand reaches out from the past
Welcome mat - Clinton gets mixed reactions
Citizen board - Here's your chance to improve city
In Julia's memory - Scholarship fund helps family heal
Race relations - Bill Clinton could help city heal
'The paint that graced Ohio's barns'
Zapped - The day OTR ceases to exist

A P R I L   2 0 0 2
'Zero tolerance' - High school discipline not easy as pie
Jazzman's jazzman - Powers made old sound new
The winner - Wrestler proves he's a trouper
To catch a thief - He's blind, but Kent's not stupid
'Always to danger' - Here's to Tom Griffin, a true hero
Them vs. us - Some people don't want to get along
Lack of respect - Latest flaps make city look stupid
Cop gets second chance to help kids
Automatic clutch - Splendor in the grasp
The settlement - Food made negotiations palatable
Reds as unifier - Parade day shows city at its best

M A R C H   2 0 0 2
Opening Day - Parade can be city's fresh start
Readers respond - Light shed on mystery of dancing mom
Soldier's legacy - Comfort for other parents
Other takes - Opinions on clergy, boycotts
Golden rule - If only all clergy followed it
Find yourself - Save a little green for the green
March 15 - If you love this city, c'mon down
World Jammy Day - Now, more than ever, we need this day
6 months later - Americans find what's important
Just think! - City's so messed up, O.J. shines
Greetings - Post office thinks Ohio is Cleveland
Free speech? - Coalition may wind up in court

F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 2
Unity Week - Teens have right idea for April
Marge Schott - Former Reds owner discusses her 3 great loves
Herd mentality - Perspective changed with cow chase
Kathman recovers - Life is good away from downtown
Seeking memories - Dancing mom still a mystery
Topic topic - Forget the stars, let's talk it out
Attention: UC - Let's honor 'Juck,' coach of champions
Civil War research - Students find heroes in history
Armed robbery - Bankers skimping on security
The family store - Stickup? No, this is a takedown
A dad's dream - Like fathers, like sons
Courthouse - 83-year-old building in beauty contest

J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 2
City Hall - Building's condition is statement
Dog license increase has owners yelping
Memories of '37 - Wedding day to remember
Holiday dream for Cincinnati
Mind manners - Council not place for 'joke'
Pet licenses - GOP may be dogged by fee hike
Barn saved for history will make history - Colerain Twp. home will be part of Ohio bicentennial
Riverfront - No money? Planner keeps faith
This old school - Not just a building, a landmark

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