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Laura Pulfer began writing her metro column at The Enquirer in 1995. She has been honored as Best Columnist in Ohio by the Ohio Society for Professional Journalists and named to the Hall of Fame by the group's local chapter. She appears regularly in Gannett newspapers throughout the country and is a commentator for National Public Radio's Morning Edition.

A lifelong Midwesterner, Laura grew up in Lima, Ohio, and went to school at Bowling Green State University, where she was named a Distinguished Alumnus in 1989. “This must have been shocking news to any of my professors who are still there.”

Former editor and publisher of Cincinnati Magazine, she is the author of two books, I Beg to Differ: Politically Incorrect, Proudly Midwestern, Potentially Funny,  Mothers and Other Heroes and The Big Pig Gig: Celebrating Pigs in the City (Orange Frazer Press).

Can you make people laugh and make your point at the same time? Laura Pulfer's readers think so. Miraculous children, Barbie's slut shoes, urban blight, bad movies, the Bengals' Taxatorium and Testosterone Center, the Orange Barrel Polka, Murray the Wonder Dog, diversity on the bus, heroic teachers — if you listen carefully, you will hear the voice of a city.

E-mail: lpulfer@enquirer.com; phone: (513) 768-8393; fax: (513) 768-8340; mail: The Cincinnati Enquirer, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.

D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 2
Class, job, food for hungry
The value of saying nothing
The anti-SUV - Reviewing Bond car, drivers
Judge Ann Marie Tracey - Lifting her own gag order
Virtual, real posse saddles up
What makes us bigots
Revolutionary idea - Building for a team that wins
A kindly batch of opinions
City development - Don't blame 'em, join 'em
D.J. and Pat - A picture of what might be
Jesus and fuel efficiency
Artist at work - The magic of sweat, fire, sand

N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 2
Dieters beware - Turkey merely the shill
The no-frill life - Putting the extras on hold
Turkey Day race - A cozy party for 10,000
Man who `simply' listened
Maternity after 50
Jumping through city hoops
A steak by any other name?
East End women - Putting on their game face
For mom, 5 kids - Cincinnati rolls out a safety net
If guns are the question, what's the answer
Sorry, Mr. Pepper, no can do

O C T O B E R   2 0 0 2
Carol Williams Welcome sign of maturity?
The field trip - 'One of the best days of my life'
Elder more than football
How to win race for time
Ruth's greeting - Simple poetry of a good life
Menopause Day - a holiday we can do without

S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 2
'It's my name' - Rosie's leaving no surprise
Rarefied air - Planet of the CEOs
A father's lament - 'If I'd had just one more day'
Dog tales - Unbroken circle of rescue
Christopher Reeve - The most genuine Superman
The grandchild - Biological insurance policy
Stalking Jungle Jim - Another safari to Fairfield
Small town pays its respects

A U G U S T   2 0 0 2
Kate Ruffner, 11 - Asking the tough questions
Physician consults a specialist
Jungle Jim needed downtown
James Levine - Who put a smile on his face?
Shayna's story - Her mom looking for help
It's just gross - Science of being an adult
Millions stolen - Why isn't case closed?
Terrorists murdering sons and daughters
Federal research - Mice get all the best gigs
Media watch - Proving no news is good news

J U L Y   2 0 0 2
Library closings - Readers keep the heat on
Clueless - Why city is in such a mess
Investment plan - Adding library to portfolio
Camilla and Rosie, we hear your song
Risky business - Why were so many on HRT?
Airline pilots - They're willing to go to war
Cigarettes - Why did it take us so long?

J U N E   2 0 0 2
Nostalgia alert - Baby boom strikes TV, cars
Channel surfing - Intelligent TV is kid stuff
Cheap, nasty - Creative sentencing for rogues
Freedom Center our chance to reclaim good name
Tony Fischer - An early look at a politician
Rich neighbors - Who can afford to stay angry?
Roxanne Qualls - Why don't we bring her back?
The graduates - Rewriting history in Price Hill
Wetherington - Nouveau rich kid on the block
Citizens own Ground Zero

M A Y   2 0 0 2
Can the spam - Strangers invading my house
Refreshing our melting pot
A child's tale - Sex, drugs, abuse and pregnancy
Law lagging -Why is Ohio stuck in 1913?
Alicia Reece - Nobody wins this word game
A helping hand - Sure-fire return on investment
Family ties - Weddings: a selective memory
Getting on the same page

A P R I L   2 0 0 2
Olympian is back on her feet - Julie Isphording
Dangerous men - Is anybody listening to victims?
Modern service - Catering to a familiar customer
Invading the men's hair club
Are priests' victims getting any help?
Zero tolerance - Dog charge sends mom to pokey
Cleaning guy's floors shine, pecs bulge
John Pepper - Not really a retiring kind of guy
A worried man - His diary of breast cancer
Fixing blame - Who's in charge of our lives?
Death row tale - Jillian's side of the story
How to gripe more effectively - Numbers to call

M A R C H   2 0 0 2
Holiday lament - When kids choose the other side
Sex abuse - Suffer the little children
Bloated Oscar still has appeal
Looking behind the headlines
By predators - Entire families victimized
Gamesmanship - Is the aim to ruin all opponents?
Court to rule - How much love is too much?
Kevin's life - One rescue leads to another
Pee-wee suit - Let's give sports back to kids
Victim's mom - 'It can happen to anybody'
Su's kids - You, too, can be their hero
The Yates trial - Why were kids alone with mom?

F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 2
Cyber museum - For fans of Erma Bombeck
Docs fed up - Feeling sick? Pack your bags
The Tewksburys - Grateful 'to slip into obscurity'
'My Cincinnati' - Your life a potential photo op
Hebron fire - No way to recover real loss
Valentine's Day - Overdue love note to nurses
Losing Cosby - Do we need celebrity approval?
Chance's mom - Facing life after her son's death
In courtroom - Who will be there for victims?
Zero tolerance - St. Ursula expels 7 students

J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 2
Count blessings - Dry advice for weepy Enron wife
Poverty is not for sissies
What will Lemmie deliver for $193,000?
Old schools offer new life for city
American story - Suleyman and Matt grow up
Clean Desk Day - What is worth keeping?
The Vagina Monologues - Beginning an adult discussion
Robbery of Monte Tewksbury
The Maisonette - Who is really the star?
Traveling? Get in line, bring food
Mystery sport - Ice fishing a waste of body heat
Public money - Another indecent proposal

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