Thursday, September 07, 2000

National spotlight focuses on Cincinnati

        Sometimes you just gotta ask, “What the heck gives?”

        Like with Cincinnati being all over national media lately? Did somebody all of a sudden make us the center of the universe and they forgot to tell us?

        Consider . . .

        New York Times Magazine: Wellsir, it has this back to school fashion section shot in May at Talawanda High School in Oxford.

        Seems photographer Marcus Mam is a Talawanda grad and felt like going home. So he scooped up model Missy Rayder, a stack of high end clothes — $300 blouses, $500 denim jackets, $3,000 and $4,000 prom dresses — and came to the heartland.

        It's quite the spread, this — eight pages packed with Talawanda kids whom Mam picked out of the yearbook because “he wanted a specific look,” says assistant principal Mark Mortine. Mighty spiffy.

        But they didn't get to keep the clothes.

        New York Times Book Review: Would that be a Chris Payne illustration on the cover?

Chris Payne
Chris Payne
        Sure would. The Cincinnati illustrator did a right solemn and plenty square-jawed Al Gore for the cover story, a review of The Rise of Al Gore by David Maraniss and Ellen Nakashima.

        Payne does about a zillion illustrations a year for Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and others.

        Vibe: This one, an urban music magazine founded by Quincy Jones, shows us yet another reason not to dine at Carmen Electra's house: She turned her dining room into a meditation room.

        It's a full page showing Electra, ex-Cincinnatian, ex-Playboy model, ex-Baywatch, ex-Mrs. Dennis Rodman, sitting Zen-like in a room with leopard print furniture, 50 pillows, a chandelier that looks like a New Orleans brothel and walls covered with gold, rust and burgundy silk drapes.

        She uses the room, she tells Vibe, to listen to Marvin Gaye music and make lists of wishes she wants to come true.

Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra
        It's due later this month in Home Girl, a twice a year supplement for Vibe's female readers.

        Vibe's editor is former Cincinnatian Emil Wilbekin.

        Glub: And this from the slippery and watery world of the Beach. Turns out they have one waaaay devoted fan out there.

        That would be 45-year-old Charlie Kanzawa of Anderson, Ind., who, every Friday of the summer, drives two hours to spend all day Saturday and Sunday riding the Cliff, a particularly vicious water slide at the park. It's been known to give riders the wedgie from hell.

        Kanzawa is a full-time lab tech and single but often brings his girlfriend. He has been coming to the Beach for 10 years and is believed to be some kind of record holder, says Beach spokeswoman Pepper Peale.

        “There are no records on who rides what how often, but I can't imagine anyone beating that.”

        Kanzawa keeps some records. His personal best is 86 rides in one day on a rainy Memorial Day Weekend. Or 22 times in one hour, also on a rainy day — the kind of day he prefers because there are no lines.

        His technique is to ride and get right back on, as soon as he re-adjusts his bathing suit.
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