Thursday, May 25, 2000

Subway dieter pounds pavement in Covington

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        Here's a diet we're pretty sure will raise an eyebrow among the food police: All Subway all the time for a year.

        But it worked for Indiana University student Jared Fogle, formerly a robust 425 pounds with a 60-inch waist. He spent 1999 living on a 6-inch turkey sub and a bag of chips for lunch, a foot-long veggie sub for dinner and a ton of diet drinks.

        It came to less than 1,000 calories and 10 grams of fat a day, a long way from his old diet.

        He's now 180 pounds with a 34-inch waist and semi-celebrity status thanks to Subway commercials, a spot on Oprah Winfrey's show and coverage in USA Today.

        That status brought him to downtown Covington's Subway Monday where he met diners and pushed low-fat dining and the idea that fast food doesn't have to be high fat.

        Oh yeah, he also said not to try this at home without checking with a doctor — like his dad, the guy who told him he was dangerously obese, though at 425 pounds it probably wasn't news.

        Now he's back in Indy and eating normally, though just a third the man he used to be.

        Briefs note: Look who's back and still naked — or at least still singing in his undies: It's John Robert Burck a k a the Naked Cowboy.

        He had been in New York and working soap operas — “I soured; all bit parts” — but moved back to Greenhills recently to get back to singing.

        Which is what he's doing now while getting ready for a 15-city tour that takes him to Nashville, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles and elsewhere.

        “The cool thing is I'm booked on morning radio in every city,” Burck says. “I've done most before so they're return engagements. That tells me I'm doing something right. Not making money, but I'm well known and not getting hustled off by as many cops anymore.”

        Top stop will be Los Angeles, where he'll be a guest on a newly revamped To Tell The Truth — you know, will the real Naked Cowboy please stand up? It airs in the fall.

        He's also at Taste of Cincinnati this weekend, roaming and hoping not to get kicked out. Then he loads guitar and weights in his 1984 BMW with an odometer stopped at 146,000 miles and heads out.

        On Stage: Here's something you don't see everyday: When Shenandoah Sowash gives SCPA's valedictorian address Friday, she'll be following the footsteps of her mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

        She is the fourth-generation valedictorian: Mother Jo Anna Ackerman made the grade in northern Ohio. So did 82-year-old grandmother Ann Ackerman; and great granny Etta Netting, who would be 120 if still alive.

        Shenandoah is a vocal music major headed to St. Olaf to major in choral music and world lit. Her dad is musician and storyteller Rick Sowash.

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