Thursday, April 20, 2000

Cincinnati helps China to a self-help book

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        From the international front comes news today that the west's infiltration of China is complete: Self-help books have arrived.

        Not just any self-help, but on-the-job self-help from, of all places, Cincinnati.

        Turns out career consultant Andrea Kay, an Enquirer contributor and author of three workplace books, is being translated into Chinese.

        Her 1996 Interview Strategies That Will Get You the Job You Want and the 1997 Resumes That Will Get You the Job You Want (both Betterway Books, $12.99) will be reprinted in Chinese.

        Not that Kay's going to benefit from it, other than royalties: “I'll treasure them on my shelf and be proud to look at them and see myself in Chinese but no, I won't be able to read a word. I place complete trust in the publisher.”

        Meaning someone could insert, “Hi, I'm Andrea, a 1200-pound Jerry Springer groupie” (she's 100 pounds and doesn't watch.)

        “I'm trusting they won't.”

        Comic Touches: Stop us if we're getting too literary, but it is a comic book after all.

        Referring here to Bromley native and NKU grad David Mack and his Kabuki comics, the one about a beautiful and brilliant Japanese woman with a traumatic past and an on-going war against the Japanese underworld. That she's winning.

        The every-other-month book — hand painted panels, as opposed to the standard computer-color jobs — has been nominated for a zillion awards and is now so popular HBO, Fox and Disney have all approached him about an animated series.

        So anyway, the 1995 graphics design grad (with a concentration in writing, which explains a lot) was at NKU this week as part of a program designed to show students the school produces grads who go on to great careers. And really cool jobs where you can work at home in fuzzy bunny slippers.

        He met with NKU students at open-to-the-public dos in University Center Theatre Tuesday and Wednesday, projecting these incredible panels overhead and talking about how he does what he does. Painstakingly, if you want to know.

        Surprise of the night? More Action Collectibles releases a line of Kabuki action figures sometime in May.

        Seen Around Town: That would be filmmaker Spike Lee, being mysterious as all getout about what the heck he was doing here.

        This much we know: He spent the entire day Saturdaywith a crew of 10, filming at Planet Feedback, a fairly new Over-the-Rhine company that helps consumers give companies feedback about products. Hung around from 8 a.m. 'til about 2 or 3 on what our source calls “a project about Planet Feedback.”

        For a commercial? Movie? Documentary? “Can't say,” our source says. Nor will Spike's Brooklyn office say anything, which isn't unusual. Filmmakers never like to talk 'til projects gel.

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