Tuesday, April 18, 2000

It's not easy to know who's in old photos

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Is this you with Dr. Sabin? Call (513) 558-4553.
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        We're going to have to take a sec here and give Vickie Hohnroth some help finding two 50-ish Cincinnatians. Maybe.

        Hohnroth works at UC Medical Center where she's working on the 40th birthday of the Sabin polio vaccine. Centerpiece is an April 28 symposium with a bunch of medical heavy hitters discussing infectious diseases.

        But what's giving Hohnroth fits is is trying to find the two kids getting the vaccine in a 1960-ish newspaper photo. It was published — and often reprinted — but names were never used.

        Hence Hohnroth's plea: Is this you? Will you call her at 558-4553?

        Her goal is to have the kids attend a Sabin Saturday public do April 29 at the Museum Center.

        Warning: Eye View did this back at Christmas — remember? We ran a 1960 photo of an unnamed little girl on Santa's lap — and identified the little girl based on a phone call and interview. The next couple of days brought at least 10 calls, all claiming “that's me.”

        Visiting: And this from our file marked Dang, the World Is Waaaay Too Small.

        ŃSo Cincinnati antiques dealer Carson Smith is busing through Italy, chatting it up with the Italian next to him.

        The native, finding out Smith was from Cincinnati, asks, “So what outrageous thing has Marge Schott said lately?”

        Once Smith got over the shock of being grilled on some rural Italian road in the middle of nowhere, he updated the lad on the team's sale.

        • Meanwhile, Judge Nick Nadel is traveling in Israel, checking out Masada, and who should he bump in to but attorney Ken Lawson.

        “He was there with his church group,” Nadel says, “and I was there with a government group. We had no idea the other was going, even though I talk to him fairly often.”

        Two weeks later, Nadel is on yet another tour of Israel, this time for fun, “And I saw the pope. I don't know him, but I feel like I do. Can't wait to see who I find next.”

        Splash Of Irony: As long as we're doing old files this morning, how about the one marked Merciful Heavens, Here's A Touch Of Irony ...

        A Booth hands out an award named for Lincoln. Only in this case it's a Boothe, as in Leon, president emeritus of Northern Kentucky University, now community liaison for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

        Seems 10 years ago “I wanted NKU to stand out in terms of recognizing community leaders, and I wanted the award named for a native son. When you think of native sons, it's Lincoln.

        “It didn't hit me 'til later the Booth-Lincoln thing. I started telling people our family added an 'e' to distance ourselves.”

        Which isn't true, he says, but no one argues with Boothe on account of he's a historian and supposed to know this stuff.

        Awards, presented tonight, go to Fort Thomas businessman Jack Steinman, activist Judy Gibbons and Fifth-Third CEO George Schaefer.

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