Thursday, April 13, 2000

Pam Frank will meet Pam Frank

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Not to be causing confusion or anything, but when Pam Frank plays this weekend, Pam Frank will be in the audience. Row two.

        Pam Frank No. 1, you see, is a violinist guesting with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

        Pam Frank No. 2 is a mail carrier who lives in Monfort Heights and delivers in Clifton all day — rain, snow, sleet and all that. She's not a classical music fan, hasn't seen the CSO since an elementary school field trip, and probably won't make a habit of it, even after this weekend.

        Even after meeting up with Frank No. 1 backstage. “I'm going because I look like her. And we have the same name. I started writing her a year ago, and we've been pen pals since. She invited me to the concert and then to meet in the Green Room.

        “I want her to meet my husband (Jeff) of 18 years, and I want to ask about her interests and how she relaxes and all that.

        Frank No. 2 will be bearing gifts: A violin-shaped Christmas ornament, and stamps and stationery with composers on them. “Something that blends our professions.”

        WHO'S SHIRT?: Whoa, looks as if Mary Kay Gilbert has a mystery on her hands.

        Specifically, what man stashed his shirt under the floorboards? At a convent of all places.

        The Sisters of Charity are renovating the 100-year-old Immaculate Conception Chapel out at the Delhi Motherhouse and Gilbert has been monitoring it for newsletters and whatnot.

        Last week, it develops, workers pulled up floorboards for new duct work and found, you guessed it, a man's shirt. Also tucked in there were two pair of ladies house slippers, both black (well it is a convent) and a June 28, 1898 Cincinnati Times Star — rolled and too brittle to unfold, but the date and price (a penny) showed.

        The good sisters in the archives department think the stuff was stashed there in 1898 when work was halted briefly on the original chapel.

        WHAAAT? The correction in last week's American Israelite was too tantalizing: “Due to an editorial error, an inadvertent misspelling of the word "honoree' in a caption accompanying the article "Mission to visit JNF projects,' caused an overwhelming response from our readership regarding the potential for misunderstanding ... ”

        Wellsir, didn't that send everyone diggin' and lookin' for the previous week's edition? The caption in part read, “Dick Weiland, Tree of Life Award hornee Senator Richard Finan ... ”

        So what was the misunderstanding? Which one was hornee? Why they misspelled horny? Or how anyone knows who is and isn't in the first place?

        No word on that, but we do know a barrage of phone calls went around the day hornee appeared, then the day the correction appeared. Consensus? An entertaining moment, that's all.

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