Sunday, October 24, 1999

Wade song tops Web's blues chart

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Well for goodness sakes, look who's crooning a tune on the Web. And occupying the No. 1 position.

        None other than bluesy jazz singer Kathy Wade.

        Turns out husband Dan Jenkins had the idea to put her “Spice of Life” single on, a site that previews music. Log on, listen, and if you like it, order from the site.

        “Dan said he was going to put it on and I said, "Oh, whatever,'” she says. “Didn't seem like a big deal to me, but he thought it was a good way to spread the sound.”

        He was right. As of Wednesday,“Spice” had been No. 1 on MP3's blues vocal chart — measured by the number of hits, in this case more than 375 — for 15 days.

        What Wade doesn't know is how all this translates in to sales. Artists can access number of hits, but info on orders takes longer.

        Jenkins isn't waiting around, though. He added her “Time to Say Goodbye” a week ago. In three days, it went from new kid on the block to No. 6 and climbing.

        “But you know what really blows me away? After Dan put "Goodbye' on it, the quality assurance engineer e-mailed us and asked us to put more on.

        “I'm liking this information highway stuff.”

        IN THE GYM: So, you want to put out the bible on fitness training, what do you do? You go to top trainers and ask for tips.

        Exactly what editors at Masters Press did. Their house experts identified who they think are the nation's 30 top trainers and asked them to contribute to Maximize Your Training ($19.95). Two Cincinnatians were selected:

        • Rocco Castellano of Rocco's Personal Training, the guy who pulls trucks with this teeth, did Chapter 30. “Fiber Types and Repetition Ranges” tells how different muscle fibers require different training. Knowing what's what makes a difference, he writes.

        • Ted Lambrinidies, a prof at Thomas More College, is Chapter 2: “What the Research Says” gives an update on current thinking and motivational tips.

        A nice touch, says Castellano, is that contributors' phone numbers and e-mail addresses are in the back of the book, so readers can write or call them to talk about what they've read.

        IN THE NEWS: Hmmm. Isn't that Miami University basketball star turned Minnesota Timberwolf Wally Szczerbiak in the October P.O.V?And is that the furry Donna Salyers headed to TV? Sure enough ...

        • So P.O.V., a mag that specializes in men's news, took a batch of letters asking fashion questions and turned them over to columnist Woody Hochswender. Told him to answer them and select models to illustrate the point.

        He chose Szczerbiak and supermodel Ingrid for the 9-page spread that shows him all tangled up in Ingrid (she chewing his tie, he carrying her, then demonstrating a golf grip in a wrap-around pose) in everything from classic white shirt and tie to sweat suit, sweaters and lounging pants.

        • Salyers, the Covington-based designer whose Fabulous Furs specializes in fake furs that don't look fake, heads to Nashville soon for her fourth annual fashion show on Crook & Chase on the Nashville Network.

        In the past, she has shown coats, doggie jackets and fur blankets for warm snuggles on cold nights.

        The beauty of this date, she says, is sales. After her last Crook & Chase date, her company got 1,500 calls in two days.

        She's there Nov. 4 or 5.

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