Sunday, August 15, 1999

Rocco to flex those molars

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Going to prove once again, pulling busses and boats and stuff with your teeth pays off. Witness Rocco Castellano of Rocco's Personal Training.

        Last year, he turned up at Cincinnati Opera's Samson to pull a bus in front of Music Hall. He was going to haul it with his teeth but had a root canal that day and ended up using his arms instead. Come this year's Chilifest (Oct. 2-3), he'll be pulling a fire engine with his teeth. Barring root canals, that is.

        His training and tugging is paying off, to wit:

        • He's chapter 15 in Maximize Your Training: Insights from Leading Strength and Fitness Professionals (Contemporary Books), a 450-page book in which trainers discuss their specialties. His is strength training, which explains why he can drag fire engines around town. The book should be out in the fall.

        • He's featured prominently in next spring's book and video Manual Resistance: 101 Exercises for Strength Development (Master's Press). It's more strength training.

        Now this:

        He has also been named Official Trainer of the Miss Kentucky USA pageant (Nov. 13-14 at the Syndicate, Newport). It's the feeder pageant for Miss USA, which is the feeder for Miss Universe.

        “My job, once they pick the winner, will be to work with her between Miss Kentucky and Miss USA. I'm not sure what I'll do, I guess look for flaws and address them.

        “These women aren't exactly chunky, you know.”

        SING OUT: So, anybody catch the Teen Choice Awards Thursday on Fox 19?

        Reason we ask is 'cause lots of the music was done by a local guy. That would be Richard Middletown, formerly of Anderson High School's band and chorus (1976-80), formerly a Singing Hoosier at Indiana University, now a partner in Waymo Music of Van Nuys, Calif.

        And quite the writer. He and music partner, Mark Keefner, composed, performed, recorded and produced the opening and closing show themes which included Gloria Estefan, Britney Spears, Blink 182, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and ever so many more.

        Heady company.

        JUST DUCKY: Another year, another global duck shortage and whom do we have to thank? Bob Edwards, that's who.

        He's a local insurance exec and the volunteer who runs the Rubber Duck Regatta every year at Riverfest. This will be the fifth annual FreeStore-FoodBank fundraiser. People adopt ducks for $5 each, then watch them get dumped in the Ohio River for a lazy race between bridges. The winning duck wins its adoptive parents a Toyota Tundra pickup truck.

        It's a big deal, this: In its first year it made $70,000 and the Arizona-based Great American Duck Races named it Rookie of the Year. In its third year it made $180,000 and was named Duck Regatta of the Year.

        It's also the biggest duck race of the year — annually trucking in 50,000 ducks. Most regattas are in the 10,000-duck range.

        This year, Edwards says, there will be 60,000 ducks, causing yet another shortage for its long-suffering duck supplier. Seems the duck industry has to keep making more every year.

        Last year, the regatta netted $225,000. This year's goal is $250,000. Wanna adopt? Call 929-Duck (3825) or stop by any Provident Bank location.

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