Tuesday, August 03, 1999

Wrestlin' students pin some air time

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Merciful heavens, but aren't things a'popping in Evendale? Referring here to Les Thatcher's Main Event Pro Wrestling Camp, a school of really hard knocks that trains young wrestlers.

        Consider ...

        • Back in March, the school caught the eye of MTV's Banks Tarver, producer of the True Life series. He has led a film crew here three times to follow student Rory Fox of Watkins, Iowa, through training and his first match.

        Tarver wrapped up shooting last week and has an air date of Aug. 14 and 15, times to be announced.

        • At the same shooting: Tarver also a piece on Dean Roll, who has been wrestling as Shark Boy since 1995. Tarver, working the “dreams come true angle,” shot Roll's going-away party before his move this week to Atlanta where he enters the big time: World Championship Wrestling.

        “He'll train there until he's ready for Nitro and pay-per-view,” Thatcher says. “He'll be wrestling people he used to pay to see.”

        • Thatcher student Craig Zellner was just snatched up by Brady Westwater of Hollywood's Westwater/Weiss Productions to co-star in The Dalton Brothers,a feature movie about three brothers entering pro wrestling. He plays one of the brothers.

        IN THE SWING: Composer Joe Gorman, meanwhile, is so close to finishing his Over-the-Rhine opera that he's cutting a demo and talking to venues.

        The opera, recall, is about OTR's ethnic mix, suburbia's fear of visiting, the homeless, the businesses and characters, including Leo Sunderman the Stenger's Cafe owner who has spent 52 years at the steam table.

        Gorman heads to Madison, Ind., Saturday to polish tunes and cut the demo to play for investors and producers. He hopes to get the 12-song opera on stage this year.

        SO WHO WON?: Wherein a detour on the information highway causes no end of trouble ...

        The American Music Scholarship Association had its World Piano Competition finals July 17 at the Aronoff's Jarson-Kaplan Theater.

        Molly Kiser, a 27-year-old doctoral student at Julliard, won the gold medal. But AMSA's Web site was reporting as late as July 19 that silver medal winner Oleg Poliansky had won.

        That was a problem: People who missed the finals turned to the Web site. Such as John Carpenter, the writer the Clifton-based Citizen assigned to report on finals. Calls to AMSA weren't returned, so he relied on the Web site. “I didn't think it could be wrong, but I tried to confirm anyway. We have to run a correction.”

        At Riverbend, where Cincinnati Symphony audiences care about this stuff, people were talking about it a week later. (Info was correct in The Enquirer's July 20 report.)

        AMSA founder Gloria Ackerman says she fixed the problem when she found out. “There was a misunderstanding. The guy who handles our Web site put it on without an OK from me. I'm not sure how it happened, but it's correct now.”

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