Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Hofbrauhaus deal brewing

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Keeping eyes and ears open Psst! has seen and heard all manner of things. Such as ...

        SEEN AROUND TOWN: None other than Maximilian Erlmeier.

        Who? OK, forget the name. All you need to know is that he's international business director of Hofbrau Munchen, parent of Munich's Hofbrauhaus.

        He was at Js Fresh Seafood late last week for dinner with owner Jimmy Gherardi, restaurant consultant Jim Whitaker and Cincinnati Economic Development Director Andi Udris.

        The German company has been scouting locations for more than a year — and landed on the riverfront as its choice. Erlmeier is after $7 million to $8 million to put a 500-seat Hofbrauhaus between the two new stadiums. Gherardi and Whitaker are lining up possible investors to assemble for a presentation next time Erlmeier comes to town.

        WELL, OUCH: Oh no, looks like Steve Chabot's hair is making news.

        Not that it's news here. We've been looking at his comb-over for years. Consensus is that it's one hair, approximately 72-feet long, that is wrapped and twirled 'til it looks like a full head of hair. Uh, semifull. (For those who saw last week's Ally McBeal, this will sound eerily familiar.)

        But the comb-over is news to author Dominick Dunne (The Two Mrs. Grenvilles, An Inconvenient Woman). He writes in the May Vanity Fair on sights and sounds in the Senate during the President Clinton brouhaha. On page 210, he gasps: “House manager Steve Chabot has the worst comb-over; it comes from two directions.”

        Two directions? That kills the 72-foot, one-hair theory. Could it be two 36-footers?

        HEARD AROUND TOWN: “I guess it takes a lot more than a bloody broken toe to stop her.”

        That from Robin Lippelman, manager of Bethesda Foundation's annual giving department, at Hospice of Cincinnati's annual Donna West Memorial Volunteer Awards last week.

        Owner of the broken toe? Janet Ach, who received the Community Support Award for her three years as chair of Gourmet Sensation. The ultimate munchie event scared up $75,000 the first year Ach chaired it, $110,000 the second and $175,000 the third.

        Seems there was this accident at last year's Sensation: Ach, who tends to do anything needed (including scrubbing a chef's gas burners) dropped a pot on her toe and refused to go to the emergency room.

        When she finally went, the verdict was a broken toe, something that slowed her to a hobble in her spike heels.

        Also overheard: “I'm not doing too damn good. If I was, I wouldn't be here.” That was a patient responding when Bob Glassmeyer, winner of the Direct Service Award, asked how he was.

        Glassmeyer, a deacon in the Catholic Church, volunteers in Hospice's Spiritual Care department. And must be good: “When it gets really difficult,” said nurse Anne Gastright, “We just know, this is a "Bob' situation.”

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