Monday, March 08, 1999

Who's George Mason? And other musings

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Assuming they beat George Mason, whoever he is, the Cincinnati Bearcats probably will have to take Temple to make the Sweet 16. UC could have drawn a tougher second-round opponent, but the Lakers were booked.

        Nobody likes to play Temple. Temple drives you crazy, then drives you mad. The Owls play a hybrid zone called a matchup. The Bearcats haven't exactly blitzed zones.

        Things could be worse. The Bearcats could be Xavier.

        (Almost) 64 thoughts to help you make it to Thursday:

        1. Weekend flameouts by Auburn, Ohio State and Stanford leave UC wondering what a C-USA tournament title might have meant.

        2. Regardless, it'd be good if the real Mel Levett showed up.

        3. Whoever that is.

        4. Preferably the Levett that destroyed Duke.

        5. Last-place Ilinois reaching the Big 10 final shows the league's strength.

        6. Or its weakness.

        7. Andre Miller or Scoonie Penn?

        8. Miller.

        9. Cliff Ellis or Jim O'Brien?

        10. O'Brien.

        11. Best player you're not familiar with because he plays in the West: Arizona's Jason Terry.

        12. Office Pool Tip #1: Top-seeded teams in the first round since the field went to 64 are 56-0.

        13. No. 2s are 53-3.

        14. Reason for Bob Huggins to congratulate himself: Twenty-six wins with Michael Horton playing lots of point guard.

        15. Reason for Bob Huggins to kick himself: Not using Steve Logan sooner.

        16. Five teams not named Duke I'd bet Bill Raftery's house on next weekend:

        17-21. Utah, Stanford, Michigan State, North Carolina, Kentucky.

        22. Five not named Alcorn I wouldn't:

        23-27. Purdue, Kansas, UAB, Washington, Missouri.


        28. Does Ohio State have enough inside beef to win more than twice?

        29. What's Katzenmoyer doing now that golf class is over?

        30. Connecticut looked NBA-ready against St. John's.

        31. Office Pool Tip #2: When in doubt, pick teams with good guards.

        32. Reason for Skip Prosser to congratulate himself: Twenty-one wins with Gary Lumpkin at point guard.

        33. Reason for Skip Prosser to kick himself: Twenty-one wins with Gary Lumpkin at point guard.

        34. In USA Today last week, Digger Phelps said Xavier would be a surprise in the NCAA tournament.

        35. Whoa, Digger that would be a surprise.

        36. Office Pool Tip #3: Miami and Kent will win their openers. The MAC is better than anyone not from around here knows.

        37. Do not bet against seniors who have won big.

        38. Do not bet against Wayne Turner, Scott Padgett or Heshimu Evans.

        39. Will Ashley Judd be there? In that glorious gray T-shirt?

        40. Ashley in New Orleans. Whee.

        41. Can someone arrange for Saul Smith to miss the team bus?

        42. Blue fans apparently will permit his dad to coach this week. After last week, it was touch and go.

        43. Why UC will reach the Final Four: Lots of weapons, lots of defense, Pete Mickeal, Kenyon Martin.

        44. Why UC won't: Freshman point guard, weak shooting, no go-to guy, Temple, Kenyon Martin.

        45. Dear Kenyon: Play mean. Keep the refs out of your head.

        46. College coaches are control freaks. In March, they become Gen. Patton.

        47. Which is why, in March, a game's last two minutes take until the autumnal equinox.

        48. Speaking of which, can we ditch 20-second timeouts?

        49. No more TOs, baby, from guys holding the ball in midair and heading out of bounds.

        50. No more TOs from guys facing a 5- or 10-second call.

        51. In Spanish, March Madness is Marzo de Lacura, for all you Miami (Fla.) fans.

        52. Office Pool Tip #4: Ignore the previous three.

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