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Peter Bronson came to the Cincinnati Enquirer from Arizona in 1992. He has been writing columns since he graduated from Michigan State University in 1978. He was born in Ann Arbor and grew up in East Lansing, Michigan. He has been a car-parker, busboy, clothing salesman, construction worker, snowplow driver and fulltime hippie, and believes these life experiences are worth more than his journalism degree. He writes William F. Buckley opinions with an Animal House sense of humor.

Before becoming a regular local columnist, with he won numerous awards as editor of the Enquirer editorial page, which was named Best Editorial Page in Ohio four years in a row. He's a regular on Hotseat, a public affairs show on WCPO Channel 9 at 10 a.m. Sundays.

"Conservatives in the media are about as common as Christians at an ACLU convention, but I like to go against the current. A good column is like a good friend: honest, amusing, courageous, informative and fun to be with.'' His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on page 2 of the Local section.

E-mail: pbronson@enquirer.com; phone (513) 768-8301; fax (513) 768-8340; mail: Peter Bronson, Cincinnati Enquirer, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati OH 45202.

D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 4
A Christmas like Lorenzo's restores hope
Counselor turned many on right path
Suspended: putting peace in Christmas
At St. Joseph, orphans find home, haven
Sore losers plant seeds of suspicion
Never give up, no matter how rough it gets
What if our police get a 'Frailey' chief?
It's too bad we can't TiVo in real life
Hebrew Union exhibit proves life-changing
Council fiddles as residents do a slow burn

N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 4
College not a lark when it's West Point
Be thankful but hold the gluttony
Selling airport to Blue Ash should pass Go
'I was in prison and you visited'
What it's like to live under a dictator
Tip for those fleeing arrest: Tasers rule
Election train nearly derailed at Precinct 8A
John's service a thank you to veterans
'Go on home, Otis, we need the jail space'
All right, kids, you had your pout - grow up
Centenarian puts election in perspective

O C T O B E R   2 0 0 4
Guide to Iraq
Guilty as sin? Rapist insists on DNA test
Spendaholics need a dose of cutting back
I keep getting telephone calls from nut jobs
Feds continue sniffing about for kinder K-9s
Straight, gay: disagreeing without hate
Council deaf to pleas for crime control
Scary attempts to influence your votes
Have you seen the footprints of autumn?
Theft, litter, closed toilets; still they stay
Slowly, crime is emptying neighborhoods
Imagine secret excogitation of Kerry, Bush

S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 4
City spends on monitors, not safety
50,000 Elvis (Bush) fans can't be wrong
Transplanting remains stirs call for respect
Local CBS-TV affiliate feels the backlash
P&G boycott keeps issue in spotlight
Jazz sax man was reflection of our spirit
Bewayuh the bayuh if you go ovah theyuh
Democrats set to lawyer Ohio election
Where do you plan to be this September 11?
Brothers in blue not colorblind
'Fahrenheit' draws some campus heat
School taxes ignite fracas in Fairfield
Springboro feels snubbed by museum

A U G U S T   2 0 0 4
Latest grades of city schools fail to impress
Yellow buses carry summer like hearses
VFW sounded 'Taps' for silly boycott of city
Resignations finally brought patients help
Recognize me? No, I didn't get new glasses
DeWine finds the country on country roads
Why would anyone want to be mayor?
Tax levies jam county's budget plan
America did the right thing in freeing Iraq
Council's back, so is stupidity See a pattern?
Beauty lives beyond shore of 'real life'

J U L Y   2 0 0 4
Center woes: What to do? Oh, nothing
Moving city's fountain isn't the answer
Gay marriage debate stifled by more mush
Slots at tracks a sucker's bet
Shawnee tribe set to reclaim Indian Hill
Erpenbeck victims still holding bag
Hate-America crowd has its own picnic

J U N E   2 0 0 4
Lucky nation that loses war to U.S.
Killer's mom: 'We're living in madness'
Yates here, there and everywhere
STD scourge an epidemic among teens
Not too late to get Dad what he wants
Maybe we can save our city 1 life at a time
Answerman in the know on Huggs, others
Not too long, not too good, not worth 50K
How to get 'creative': Help middle class
Reagan has the last laugh, as he should
Drake is dying of obesity, yet cries for bacon
Storm alert: Run for it! Enstupidation
As WWII vets leave us, we're losing compass
It's obvious - they don't support cops

M A Y   2 0 0 4
War on drugs won't be won with handout
Norwood has an infestation of developers
When they say 'I'll be brief,' pray they are
Fringe art? Just give me 'Oklahoma!'
Try to win, don't lose, always cheat
Indian Hill's gravel pit: Members only
DaBuzz not quite as bad as Al Jazeera
President Bush proves that he is the real deal
Shots-and-beer defense shot down by judge
Local NAACP seems caught in time warp
3 years after riots, 'experts' still cashing in

A P R I L   2 0 0 4
Mortgage scams hurt the poor
Support for Maupin lights way for hope
Reformers meandered, but hit truth
E-check farce needs to end soon, or now
Media, Dems running amok like Woody
Now is time Florida calls Ohioans south
This grant just perfect for April 1

M A R C H   2 0 0 4
Milk or gas - which is the loss leader?
Cops can help unearth lost Over-the-Rhine
Lack of faith in City Council leads to Angels
Marty cries foul over WEBN's Opening Day ad
Bengals can, and should, win rematch
Go ahead, make Si's day
Whose idea was it to hire these people?
Conservatives underdogs on campus
As Christians, let's embrace our sameness
Cop nearly lost his life, so we don't want him
WEBN radio's slight cleanup unlikely to last
From: Disciples To: Jesus Re: The movie
What's a few hundred K? This is love
Why is city's tax money tied to gay debate?

F E B R U A R Y  2 0 0 4
'Too white'? Peers bully black students
Tour Guide never afraid to tell truth
This primary appears to be a train wreck
Center opens, visits fall off, who will pay?
Neither Dowlin nor DeWine wins respect
Republican candidates dance funny
War stories more thrilling for being true
Toss Issue 3? Courts ruled in its favor
Sic transit's glorious papal exhibit
Ohio wading into debate on biology
Be Sinatra! or like Gus; wear a hat
NFL's show lower than Kid Rock's IQ
March Madness weeks away, but I'm already mad

J A N U A R Y  2 0 0 4
Adult battles could ruin kids' games
It snowed, and somehow we survived
Sometimes, shelter just isn't enough
A new dawn: doper Phil comes clean
Sky falling? Cuts merely spare change
This 'N word' may not be the one some think
United Way tells Scouts to take a hike
Kids, council need to do the right thing
Maisonette looks toward the suburbs
Visions of sugar plums? Not exactly
We've got our own gimmicks for weight loss

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