Charles Brewer, "Plugged In"

As Enquirer Systems Editor, Charles manages the networks of Macintosh, PC and mainframe computers that the newsroom uses to produce the newspaper. He came to Cincinnati in 1994 from Wilmington, Del., where he was also a newspaper Systems Editor. Before working with computers, he spent more than a decade as a newspaper reporter and editor.

"Some people think that writing a computer column is my only job at The Enquirer. Actually, I do it as a kind of hobby, in my spare time. In covering computers, I think of myself as a journalist. My beat is primarily the Internet, because that's the hottest spot in personal computing right now. But covering the Internet is like covering a foreign country -- there's so much to write about and so much to explain, it's daunting."

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October 98
.Goodbye, ... and good luck Oct. 25, 1998
.Microsoft might face reckoning Oct. 18, 1998
.First-time PC buyers: Time is money Oct. 4, 1998

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September 98

.A primer on help with homework Sept. 13, 1998

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August 98

.PC novices should avoid cut-rate PCs Aug. 30, 1998

.Floppies: Technology of the past? Aug. 23, 1998

.Britannica offers more on D-Day Aug. 16, 1998

.High-tech coupons rare online Aug. 2, 1998

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July 98

.Whole lot of lawyers on Web July 26, 1998
.Sky-is-falling scenarios blast forth July 12, 1998

June 98

.WINDOWS 98: Is it worth $90? June 21, 1998

.Internet use still growing like crazy June 7, 1998

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May 98

.Mortgage information goes online May 31, 1998
.Online chats with celebs hot ticket May 17, 1998
.Web-cam sites offer odd sights May 10, 1998

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April 98

.Report: High tech driving boom times April 26, 1998
.Pest control advice for Office bugs April 12, 1998

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March 98

.Web peeks at Oscar contenders March 15, 1998
.Cincinnati regarded as surfin' city March 8, 1998
. Of cookies, reminders and Jerry March 1, 1998

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February 98

. Web porn could rid porn shops Feb. 22, 1998
. Net love: Dangerous Liaisons Feb. 8, 1998
. Net blazes latest path to hot news Feb. 1, 1998

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January 98

. Net services free, with one catch Jan. 15, 1998
. Tech help hard to get at holidays Jan. 8, 1998

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