We're proud of the work of The Enquirer staff.
Here are some of our best investigations and enterprise in 1996:

Taxpayers bilked in Fernald cleanup

The company hired to clean up the Fernald uranium processing plant near Cincinnati has cheated the government out of millions of dollars, jeopardized the safety of plant workers and neighbors, and wasted millions on a problem plagued project for cleaning up 20 million pounds of radioactive waste.

An investigation by Enquirer reporter Mike Gallagher uncovered wrongdoing by the company, Fluor Daniel Fernald, as well as a lack of oversight by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Enquirer investigation, which has produced more than 50 Enquirer stories since last February, prompted an investigation by the General Accounting Office. The GAO report is due in March.

Journey to a shattered land

Last January, Enquirer reporter Cameron McWhirter and photographer Glenn Hartong traveled to the war-torn nation of Bosnia with Omar Velagic, 21, of Loveland, Ohio, a Bosnian whose family left Sarajevo just before war erupted in 1992.

During their 2 1/2-week stay, McWhirter and Hartong chronicled Velagic's reunion with his grandparents and friends, reported on the destroyed city and shattered lives of the people, profiled an American soldier from Cincinnati and interviewed leading political and military officials about the status of the Dayton Peace accords.

There are 19 stories and 30 photos on this site. Students will find it a valuable resource.